The Strip 3.0, H2oi 2018 – ILB Drivers Club

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Directed & Edited by:

Assistant Director:


Music ( In order of appearance )
Soundtrack on SoundCloud:

F-80 – Vibrance

Kavern – Prophets

Label: issamin ( P & C 2016 )

Mall Music Muzak – Sake if the Seventies

Betamaxx – GT California ( 2018 Remaster )


Insert Coin – Anacronym

AM 1984 – Miami Days Reloaded 20

AM 1984 – Night Sentinels

AM 1984 – Mork

F-80 – Departure

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Starring ( In order of appearance )
Griffin Gillman
Sam Sapula
Kyle Goodhue
Alex Goldstien
Rick Freeman
Johnny Stone
John Ludwick
Ben Walker
Frank Gatto
Peter Matthews
Adam Benini
Anton Passarella
Kevin Legaspi
Ian Weber
Vittorio Bueme
Jonathan Kerem
Gober De León
Alex Goettler

Equipment used:
Sony FS7 + Metabones Speed booster
Sony A7S mk2 + Metabones
Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.4
Sony 28mm – 70mm 3.5 – 5.6
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS
Sigma 35mm 1.4
Freefly Movi Pro
DJI Phantom 4
Manfrotto Suction Mounts
Zoom H4N

Final Cut Pro X
Adobe After Effects


Maple Media says:

Man. The bit at the end where everyone has their phones out makes me cringe

Ермак Ермаков says:

Plz give me link on "Knight Sabers – ID"
Не работает ссылка в описании на данный трек, ни на ютубах, ни в соцсетях трек найти не могу( играет на 8:30

Liquid Lens Photography says:

Yes! I See The Tween in There!

Travis Johnson says:

Can I like…

Cop an iLB Hoody?

Jhovany De La Paz says:

That car lighter was dope asf lol

Devan Winslow says:

Yo that cigarette lighter was fire lol

Rendezvous Boys says:

i need to know what cigarette lighter that is @ 13:24

Low Kid says:

I felt like i was watching Forza Horizon with that intro

Lucas CubMi says:

AMAZING, beautiful edit with perfect music and colors!

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