1994 Honda Accord H22A Top Speed 230km/h (140mph)

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Model : CD6 -JPN Model-
Type : SIR
Engine : H22A
Year : 1994
Mileage : 151,000km (93,847mile)

Engine : Stock
Exhaust : J’S RACING
ECU : Stock + VTEC Controller (Hi-Cam point 5,300rpm)



Oh is dat the sir red top h22? Right…

Heather stubbs says:

For some reason, I'd feel safe in the car with you. I may be blind, but I get the picture! Hahaha. Great job. I need help with the reverse, though, because I've had PTSD from some very bad experiences years ago. Love your channel.

Gilbert Courts Jr. says:

Sounds nice…. TURBO??

jacker257 says:

what tranny u got in there? is it a stock f22 or an h22?

Deandre Leblanc says:

how did u get yours soo fast ??

samdavis1228 says:

my CD7 H22A goes to 8200 rpms

Farhan Haekal says:

@CloudGuns same with me T.T

Im Dehann™ says:

wtf accord 94 the meter can go till 7 wif mine accord(96) only 6 2 bad ;(

fabiolas4 says:

i miss yur reversing vids.

Fraser Young says:

Haha sameeeeeeeeee 🙁

garyu3001 says:

Yes,it is.
5th synchronizer was broken.

Fraser Young says:

double clutch into 5th?

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