90 91 92 93 Honda Accord CB7 JDM H22A / H23A Swap – First Start

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This is only a test! Lol! I wanted to give shout outs to ALL OF YOU who have watched this project take place and to everyone who has participated in its completion along the way! Thank you again, a


gabriel rivera says:

I got a 1990 Honda accord it starts and it cuts off wat can it be

Angel Rodriguez says:

hey I have a 90 accord coupe and I did the same swap but I don't know what power steering pump and bracket to use? what did you use? where did you get them? off what car?

Roie Pozas says:

What ECU are you running?

Markstar scoobs says:

Finally got my swap done. Not a cb7 but still a cd7 2dr accord.

phillip mota says:

where did u buy ur motor bro?

phillip mota says:

it's fast isn't it?

phillip mota says:

why a h23? wouldn't it be better to do a h22 swap?


where did u buy h23a1

legendaryridaz says:

what alternater belt did u use???

Alex R.eye says:

what power steering bracket did you use?…to work perfic with our cb

LocalJOJO says:

Did you have to get it BAR'd?

omar lagarda carretero says:

Not to mention I'll have to get your engine through agency . success

omar lagarda carretero says:

Videos exelentes nice day !! which engine you recommend for my 1989 honda accord ?

Chee Vang says:

Is that normal for swaps?

Mikhail Kolitwenzew says:

I'm planning on this swap as well. I have the engine already and most of the parts I have written down. You will need a bunch of stuff for this swap. I have a list written down. 
This is what you need:
– Vtec pressure sensor (OBD H series do not have this, you need it for or it will throw codes)
– OBD I H23-H22 Timing bracket
— Manual tension conversion (I'm going to be making one out of the auto tensioner)
– Gasket kit/Water pump timing belt. (Ebay kit will suffice I believe)
– P13 ECU or chipped+basemapped ECU (Though this is not the "proper" ECU, many have said they have had great results with it. 
– The MAP sensor. (Most left out thing people don't tell you about). Its on the throttle body now and since that's the case, there's no where for your stock MAP vacuum line to go… That is if you unless you remove the charcoal canister hose and use its spot on the intake (ppl say you don't need the charcoal can anyways). However I was reading most people prefer the MAP sensor on the throttle body because its "more accurate". Its pretty simple, you just need to wire it up from your existing plug… I decided I think I should do this. 
– H23 Power steering pump, bracket, pressure line… I already did this but wanted to throw it is cause you will need it if doing this swap.
– ECU pins, wire. Solder, soldering iron.

Lotta shit to take into account. Been discouraged but It will come along I just gotta be patient. My engine oil pan had a puncture in it and one of the front torque mount bracket bolts had the bold head snapped off. I called the JDM place and him about it, maybe get a little compensation since it was not the shipping companies fault. 

That's really it. Maybe someone will find this information useful.

Winston Buzon (DubEezy) says:

@Unlimited Builds – This was a major contributor to my build…


As far as trannies go, mine was originally manual so I couldn't help you there except my original tranny fit just fine on my H23A

Unlimited Builds says:

Hey man was there much you hade to change? Like mounts wise? Im doin a h22 or h23 swap in my 1990 accord! Also at the same time a 5 speed swap! Any info would be great

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