93 eg hatch H22A euro r

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93 eg6 hatch H22A euro type r with lsd trans full build


Boosted hatch says:

Whats ur tire size

B Series says:

I love red head H.


Clean as f$#@ bro

Tomas Lopez says:

Yo I'm about to do the same thing but their's no power steering pump . Do have one on that engine ?

Hassi VEVO says:

oh my god. Good shit brother. This looks so good

andrew block says:

Very nice!… gonna be fast as fuk. I have a 96 ex with a LSvtec.b18A1 block with a 00' Integra type R head. I am using a chipped and socketed p28 ecu.8500 rpm all day…car will be a complete EM1 clone when finished.anyway great job, that is a beautiful Honda.

Phoulome Chanthasinh says:

Yo please update more often if you're still building it. Thanks. Clean hatch by the way

Elias says:

My favorite swap

H22eg6 Lifestyle says:

hasport motor mounts

yamiliyaremi ymainezdiaz says:

Name of motor supports

Lil Guy says:

First video I watched from your channel!!!! But you started blogging from scratch… like time lapse. Planning to do couple Ek swap with h22

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