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Accord with H22A / ITB’S going nuts on Dyno…

Presented by: www.ClubEK.net (no longer active, only part of history.) and www.Evolution-Racing.ca bad-ass shop in the t-dot region! Teddy-Bear Power Running THAT ! And a whole lot of VTEC!

Thanks Bruno! =)

(Original Text February 25, 2006)

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Ned the muscle man flanders says:

amazing song , should have been quieter tho

Pablo whiteggy says:


Rick James says:

ruined it with the music

TRINIKID15 says:

Ok.. I'll suggest it to the new owner.

TRINIKID15 says:

Ok.. I'll suggest it to the new owner.

TRINIKID15 says:

Ok.. I'll suggest it to the new owner.

TRINIKID15 says:

Ok.. I'll suggest it to the new owner.

72040leon says:

The song name?

Joshua Prince says:

Nicely Said Man… We're a select hand full of enthusiast's.. Not many people understand why we choose Accords to build, over the Mainstream hyped models,… the civic. But.. same time,, not hatin on them either… Enthusiasts versus Ricers (In my definition.. Its not the car thats so called RICE,.. it's the bias owner, thats trying to brand as there own, but stays on the band wagon) Appreciate all work,and dedication to any car,

farhenheit628of1200 says:

how much power???

puertorican850 says:

Ridiculous throttle response!

Sarkin Makanda says:

Name of song please?

Theory of The Owl says:

i build CB7's :]

Mohammed Shalabi says:

thats a clean ass accord. and that H22A kicks like a mule.

I have one in my prelude .

John Webb says:

scared yet? um… no.

23francisk says:

he isnt N/A he is on the bottle but it is still a nast H

94impala1982 says:

why power shift on a dyno?>

RedBeard Rev says:

I use jdm lude tranny with lsd I broke three f series trannys… But gears are way shorter in h series tranny. 96 accord H22A

farhenheit628of1200 says:

how much hp and torque?

Fpvgt290 says:

hey, what power was this pulling ? and how long did this take to build?

konholio2 says:

@007MRnicholas probably any h22, h23 gearbox would match, see if the prelude gearboxes have better gear ratios. Google it.

that-boy zee says:

i would like to know what gear box would work on a h22 motor cuz i don't wanna use the accord gearbox

JaRo says:

@josieonetoothh i just check on lap times (fastestlap . com / strikeengine . com) stock ek9 had better lap times than a3 3.2 quatro / s3 / mk6 gti / r32 … and many more đŸ™‚ cheers

josieonetoothh says:

@nadpomorzanin08j4 well yeah, thats cus spoon has ran through that car. it wouldnt do much better than any other cars mentioned if it was stock

JaRo says:

@josieonetoothh just N/A vs Turbo, n/a vtec is just a change in map (cam position change) when u can see the difference w/o any upgraded aspirating, turbo has got a lag where it is losing power terrificaly. but… put Spoon ek9 k20 on track with audi s3 or new golf gti or r32… on tsukuba…. it will still looose:) im, drunk…

josieonetoothh says:

@nadpomorzanin08j4 if youre talking in terms of shifting, same goes for turbo, if you're in the power band, you'll immediately spool. Either set up, you have to be in your powerband to move cus these little motors dont like torque

JaRo says:

@josieonetoothh no, theres no lag, when you will downshift, 4.8k rpm (depends on ecu setup) and vtec just kick in yo! when you shift gear up at 8-9k rpm's (ek4 civic), u will be at 6-7k rpm on higher gear, so vteck still kick in yo! no lag, N/A ftw

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