H22A crank pulley wobble

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Why do H22A’s have this issue?


Coconut Tree says:

My 5th gen Prelude SH just developed this problem! What ended up happening with your engine? I fixed the problem (for now), but I'm scared to drive on it even if it's working. I guess this is pretty common.

redtegra29 says:

The only legit fix is to get the crank surface machined where the timing belt pulley contacts it. And change the timing belt pulley.

redtegra29 says:

I didn't solve it but I made it much better to how it previously was before I changed my timing belt and it ended up like this. The issue is the H22's have 3 pulleys on the crank. The timing belt pulley gets crushed into the crankshaft which causes slack between the pulleys and that's what causes the crank bolt to snap off. Which also happened to me a few years ago. Changing the crank pulley won't fix the problem which is usually what people say to do. The crankshaft isn't bent either.

Victor David Dachille Da Silva says:

I had the same problem! did you solve it? 🙁

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