h22a integra build

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94 integra going from auto to manual with a h22a swap and a wiretuck in progress wile geting ma slips polished and a slight punch wid a k20 si a dig and a off vtec roll for me..plz.dont mind the spelling


Buttered Toast says:

I started to watch it then I had to run to the toilet to vomit once the sound track came on. Nice swap though bud!

mustangcuba says:

isn't it supposed to be h2b swap

mustangcuba says:

I would've the motor before the front clip

Dylan Buettner says:

im about to drop my 94 h22a into a 97 teggy pretty soon, what axles did you use? and did you have to modify your header collector? nice swap dude

oo miguelito says:

Ey man taria bien si le pongo mi acura integra Ls el H23vtech ?

bud morse says:

i am doing the swap with no prob but the wireing is pissing me off like a good thing.

Kevin leal says:

damn bro nice vid, i just did a auto to manual conversion on my da integra way worth it, i just got to work some kinks out, and sooner or later get rid of this piece of shit b18a1, im tryin to get a b20

TheDrakshen Clasheur [Sauvetage] says:

Did the H22A use the same mounts as the B18? I'm looking to do the same swap into my 1994 integra, but the forums have been less then useful.

tjissel23 says:

wat color is that integra?? ive never seen one this color.. looks good

liljose305 says:

Btw now that i know ur in miami how much u charge to wire tuck and is that an ek steering colum u got type s steering wheel on I got sc dc gsr lmk

liljose305 says:

Damn nice work man and gratz nothing feels better then to drive something u built

xUSxGHOST2049x says:

wat steering wheel is that

lapd1989 says:

Nice shyt man, hit me up sometimes

jdoggydog567 says:

i have a b18b1 right now i like it a little better than the b20 although vtec is awesome

jdoggydog567 says:

oh my bad lol. i want to switch my 93 teggy to a manual. i hate automatic.

jdoggydog567 says:

not good to run that thing without any air intake man or air filter on it

MC149403 says:


Marc-André Blais says:

Nice car & Engine !

hybridsrv says:

prropps. lookin good.

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