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Francisco Travieso says:

What mounts, axles and wiring you have?

Justin Larrivée says:

Only 80lbs heavier than a b18 type r, but you got WAY more torque, and if you take the euro r version you also have around 25hp more than in the b18 type r

munkirinch says:

ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

munkirinch says:

thumbsdown for music

Pikachu says:

Beef up the suspension, sway bar, strut bars, etc. It will become better at cornering.

Pikachu says:

Yeah, but due to it's big displacement. It's a fucking torquey engine unlike the B-series engines.

Brian Goodspeed says:

i have a honda crx 1985 si 1500 mostly stock i want to pimp it out can anyone help?

touyang55 says:

one thing i don't enjoy h22 is that its heavy

JDM Raph says:


Joey ken says:

Cornering is gone suck on that car with the front engine weight add on. That car is good for straight away only.

silva wong says:

i have a 97 civic with a D15B engine but like 2 swap it with a F20 sohc vtec.do i have 2 modify the engine mounts or replace them or do they fit right.if i have 2 replace them which one should i use.many thanx

Daniel Ness says:

Ok I don't no a lot about hondas, do you have to to swap out the ecu or not?

JDM417 says:

Same stupid song on every car related vid. WTF.

Ryan Mandelbaum says:

Some strange version of " Bring Me to Life " by Evanescence

nick truesdell says:

yes it should fit. i have a 2003 honda civic lx to XD

Robert Jefferson says:

What's the name of the song? Nice build by the way.

Kenneth Chartier says:

@CODEYKENNELL01 no they r swap mounts bro

Kenneth Chartier says:

@jdmh22vtec they r prelude motor retard lol

jdm mike says:

@ cody NO r u retarded did h22 swaps come in dc2? heres your answer NO they r after market u moron

Codey Kennell says:

is that with stock mounts??

picotish760 says:

Hey does anybody know if this can fit into a 2003 honda civic lx? i really need some help thank you

Juan blanco says:

I'm thinking about doing the same swap on my ej

JustBeastin91 says:

shitty music
scratched vintag
fat guy no shirt
you beat a new gen honda civic. congrats.

CopaSeticBeats says:

yikers.. I dont like that coolant hose….

BigDirtyBasterd says:

what the power gain from swap? Base to Tuned.

Dj thunder says:

Hey what mounts u use I have a 92 integra and I want to do the same swap

sctflasher379 says:

Why would u want a b18 in a prelude lol it would be pointless for the amount of money you'll spend doing it

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