Prelude H22A vs Mustang GT V8

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Ahmed’s ’97 Honda Prelude with H22A engine stock! has some problems in the Clutch and needs to be replaced!
’04 Ford Mustang GT V8 Manual Transmission stock!


Shawn Dessart says:

That prelude isn't stock, no way in hell it runs a low 14

wakman756 says:

I don't know how Honda does it.

sergio aranda says:

man those h22s don't play

Prelude Dude Si says:

Very nice, the 5Th gen ludes are heavier than the 4th gen

Joseoh Nations says:

h22 all day

jonathan owens h22 says:

h22 all day nice pull

Terry Whorton says:

winning even when we losing.. keep it honda n remember kids smasHit….

magellan044 says:

Pretty sure you can hear the 'stang over rev 1st gear about a second too long.. Which is when the prelude pulled.. Just sayin

Chicho Chingon says:

seee why can morre ppl be like this guy ,,,

Anthony Hurt says:

Mustang driver here,  ive no doubt ran into a few v techs that whooped my ass,  but  mostly from a roll start.   I have a vert so its a bit heavier but i would say i go 50/50 vs imports,  really just come down to who has more money under the hood.  I personally like muscle cars but i have a vast respect for imports.  American companies cranked out alot of unreailiable shit while imports were 100 percent well made.   Cheer to all the car guy out there.  Any real car guy doesnt discriminate imports/domestics real car enthusiast respect all rides minus ricers.  

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