1969 Dodge Charger 426 HEMI The SEMA Show 2017

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A 1969 Dodge Charger that BBT Fabrications debuted at The SEMA Show 2017…The SEMA Show is known for crazy over the top customs stuff that you will not see anywhere else on the planet…And yet one of the ones that really caught my eye was this 1969 Dodge Charger…It’s a Pro Touring style car and there is a ton of custom work done to it…But you really have to know what your looking at to notice….At first glace you may miss that some of the body lines have been changed….Or that the front wheels aren’t where they started on a factory stock 1969 Dodge Charger…A quick glace inside and it looks like something that you are familiar to seeing in a car from this era….But if you take just a second and look closer…You will realize that Chrysler never made them this nice…Or this clean….Under the hood a 426 Gen 3 HEMI….All done in the trim color and plated in Nickel….Gold line tires…Very cool “knock off” style wheels..I think even the MOPAR fans might like this one..A very Cool..Clean build….Check it out!!!
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Oh my gosh, it's a perfect and beautiful car !.

AutoRingMagazine says:

Scottie, I'm so grateful for this man moving the wheels 3 inches. It always bugged me to the highest degree to see that overhang.

Dan Robinson says:

That comment at 1:20, a part of me died inside!

simon fawcett says:

Looks tough and clean and I love a standard looking interior it is a sweet car

Andrew Gonzales III says:

Scottie I'm glad you did this video of the charger I saw another video of this car but didn't show all details and interview the builder of the car gotta say it's a bad ass charger I like those wheels goes perfect with the car

Nicole Cryer says:

Looks MEAN..

Pete Medina says:

Awespme car nice build gotta love that hemi

Blue Paw says:

Dude. Him and his shop, along with the customer of course, nailed it on this Charger. I love the longer wheelbase and the clean side lines. Once again, NAILED IT! Nice coverage as always Scotty. Thanks for sharing the "rest of the story" from SEMA. Keep up the great work!

John Edwards says:

I need a scottieDTV cap

Outputradio1 says:

how long does sema go on for scottie?

Mike Fifer says:

Nice and clean. I like it.

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Old school cars are just Beutiful

Gustavo Ronga says:

I LOVE charger great job beatiful

Nonameisthename 1 says:

I think they did an AWESOME job too!! The stance is RIGHT, the color combo is RIGHT and the interior is RIGHT….along with the engine bay. I love what they did to the bumpers..

RedDigitalMusic/RDM says:

Simply a work of art! The engine bay touches my heart:) haha

Holleran Properties says:

White always looks good, but black lives matter may not agree. Chargers are big, but they have a big part of American muscle cars history. Nice video Scottie! "W.W."

coldcoldrain13 says:

Probably my favorite body design of all time, courtesy of the Duke boys.

Saeef Bey says:

NICE… I would want more tire if it were me….. I really like the build, they really cleaned up the design….

Al Cyr says:

I'm a Mopar guy and love it. First off, I don't believing in bitching about modify old Mopars. Especially if you don't know what they started with. I'd rather see them modified over getting crushed.

L Da says:

I want it! It is strange in white but anyway.

themopar426 says:

awesome video of a awesome car!

clancy mclean says:

hey man you got a video of the red nova? i hope

Mr SS says:

they shouldve made a modern day 2door charger along with the 4door

Richard Williams says:

love this one! any idea what transmission/rear end was used?

nick Yanez says:

Great eye Scottie! Huge fan of the 69 charger! Is that a 66 move next to it? If so maybe a video? Thanks again for this video


great one scottie. all good but the hood and rims/tires for me. interesting to see someone elses take on the body lines……..but, the old way is much better. glad you shot this one, i wanted to hear the builders views. thanks.

James Merritt says:

Good find cool

ivannthegreat1 says:

This is one CLASSIC Beauty, when seeing all the exterior and interior it is one simple and clean CHARGER .

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