1970 Plymouth Superbird in Vitamin C & 426 Hemi Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

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On “My Car Story” we’re in Chicago on 10-15-17.

We’re looking at a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird in Vitamin C Orange Paint with a 426 Hemi Engine.

The car’s Owner is Tom Lembeck. Tom’s had this car since 2007. Tom’s known for his MOPAR muscle car collection. This car is 1 of around 135 produced from the factory with a 426 Hemi Engine.



Pete Medina says:

Gorgeous car nicely done love it in that color

Brian Cabral says:

A Mopar 440 6 pack was a better motor than the Hemi…and could take it like many other cars could eat a Hemi alive, even some small blocks in the quarter mile and in a land whale like this it was a joke. The street Hemi has a legend, but was not the best, a Buick 455 Stage 1 could take a Hemi, a Chevy L88 427 could take a Hemi, a Chevy LS6 454 could take a Hemi…the Hemi is not what people like to think it is. In the mid 60's it was king, after that other manufacturers caught up and surpassed the Hemi and smoked them.

Brian Cabral says:

Nice car, but too bad they were heavy and not a street pounder. Not quick at all, but cool to look at. At one time dealers couldn't give these away, they took off the nose and wing and put them back to sell as a Roadrunner.

ricfly52 says:

Wow the trunk! Go fast and haul groceries. Just what my wife needs! Hahaha.

Louis Lewis says:

u put up sooo many great cars. u should have a ton of subscribers coming. keep up the great work !

TheGunfighter45acp says:

Top of the food chain here! It looks fantastic, Lou. Thanks for sharing!

Ed B. says:

Thanks so much Lou, and what a bird it is. AWESOME!!

benbroccoli89 says:

i'll be the first to say it's a real shame he restored it

irishpat64 says:

Thank You Tom &Lou

Edson Xavier says:

authentic car show

Florida Scot says:

The nicest wing MOPAR I've ever seen,  nice vid lou  🙂

Titus Thompson says:

Is it up for sale?

John Texas says:

You give us the opportunity to see these much better than we ever could back when this was new. I never saw one of these on the street, only in car mags. I always loved that style of Plymouth graphic. Thanks so much!

Steve Flad says:

Truly the most beautiful and memorable muscle car ever! My most favorite muscle from the 70's! Gorgeous car and color!

Andrew Graham says:

After watching this video I've decided I have a vitamin C deficiency…

hisham elfiki says:

LOU good to hear from you. How are you doing. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL SUPERBIRD. That's all that I can say about this very selective collectable SUPRBIRD . THANKS LOU FOR SHARING THIS WONDERFUL CAR. APPRECIATE YOUR Efforts showing all varieties of beautiful cars. I really enjoyed watching the video. Thanks LOU and please have a great day. Kind Regards

Jason Meehan says:

Fantastic, he's a lucky man.plymouth and dodge. Interesting to see the rear spoiler support in the boot. Trunk for you Americans lou.

David Mcconnell says:

" With that being said "

wickedfirefly13 says:

Great Roadrunner wing car with lotsa Hemi muscle… a hero with loads of awesome! Love it!! Beautiful vibrant orange… nice warm color!! Super cool and huge wing – it's like a handle on it! Fantastic looking ride! Really fun vid, thank you!!

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