1971 Hemi cuda idle and rev

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1971 Hemi Cuda idling and revving to 3,000rpm with 3 chamber flowmasters and 3″ exhaust all the way back from factory manifolds


Bill Taylor says:

in a word…….wicked

vince vamrestoration says:

I don't no the cam specs, its 500+ lift


nice cuda. looks real good

72charger440se says:

such a nice sound wow

Tim Breunig says:

very impressive unit, Though I would have gone with Magnaflow or Hooker chambered muff's.

da man says:

legendary hemi idling through echo can mufflers doesnt sound right, need glass pack turbo mufflers, like dyno max boss turbo muffler, sound ALOT better, than these lifeless echo, reverb sounding crap masters.

vince vamrestoration says:

New video up this weekend with better sound

midatlanticcycle says:

what's the 5th digit on your VIN? betting it's a G code car, correct?

Tyraddo Tarun says:

awsome sound

gottaluvthat240B says:

I just went from 6 o'clock to midnight at 0:09….holy crap that sounds good!!

SpaceAlien7 says:

Mopar or no car

lukejenn says:

I love it so much!

lukejenn says:

@19mg94 me too.

vince vamrestoration says:

Loading new video this weekend guy, stay tuned

Krashdavus says:

That would give a boner a boner.

spyderspic666 says:

wow that car sounds like a monster from another planet lol fuckin awesome!!!

hunghuge12 says:

And there goes another tank of fuel. lol. Nice car.

Schön says:

Whew, motor by Fred Flintstone! Anymore cam and that thing would need a toilet for a carb.

BattlePL says:

now you know why i masturbate in my car

vince vamrestoration says:

sorry guys, i have the leafsprings out, ill take some better videos soon

vince vamrestoration says:

472 stroker motor 508hp/538lbft

taz275 says:

1 riceburner fan watched this video

mr68Charger383 says:

I love the steel wheels and dog dish caps. Great car, better sound! I'll bet that after a lousy day at work just hearing it idle makes you forget.

asbob says:

want to trade for the apple i was eating but dropped when i saw the beauty and heard the music coming from that lump

lfsabch says:

i need to change my pants….

ChallengerGuy22 says:

@dartguy36069 i had slight trouble with my 295s do they ever rub when u hit bumps? Did your change wheel offsets? I was runing 15x8s and one side would rub ocasionaly with the 295

BikerRussell says:

@scatpack details…

Daniel Welton says:

and your point would be? how bout taken some rubber off those tires. if not i got a 225 slant 6 i'll trade you.

998uzi says:

thats not numbers matching is it

An0therSh0rtFella01 says:

@maddpepe313 cargasim 😉

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