200-MPH, Turbo Hemi Street Car! The Ultimate Belvedere – The House Of Muscle Ep. 3

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Something wonderful happens when you combine passion and drive with a good old fashion work ethic and family values. Meet Northern Bel, the 1966 Plymouth Belvedere that was conceived by owner David Meyer and then brought to life by coachbuilder Troy Trepanier. About as tastefully done as one can get, this old Plymouth packs a 526 cubic inch HEMI, twin rear-mounted turbochargers and enough power to launch it to the moon if you placed it vertically. If you’ve ever wondered what the ultimate Belvedere looked like, well… Here you go.

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Wayne says:

I have a 67 440 4 speed GTX with a gear vendors and I think I just came! napkin anyone?

John Techwriter says:

As a Belvedere fan from way back, I’ve got to say the one portrayed here is the finest example of the marque I have ever seen. And the quality of this show's presentation does justice to its subject.

little1reefard says:

Had one in the 70s same color and let a buddy drive it the night I got it and he rolled it. We weren't hurt but got a bunch of tickets and I had traded my daily driver in on it so I ended up with out a car for a while.

Trevor Philips says:

Car i wish you had balls
Me i wish i had the balls to

Doug Martin says:

I love how this car just looks like a beautiful restoration, but is actually the ultimate sleeper. I found myself wondering what kind of mileage it got for road trips. Lol

Elwit Kauesa says:


jmoneyent9 says:

now this you can call a "street car" not any of those bs promods

Finn Green says:


Those boys in the Midwest don't mess around…

kyle warmerdam says:

What's up with the blow by constantly puffing from the rf wheel well?

Waylander says:

Love the car. If it's only running 180 degrees why do I see steam coming out the front ahead of the passenger front wheel?

Jαѕσи Tσdd says:

Take this big beautiful brute to Bonneville NOW

Erik Gonzalez says:

That engine bay is hella clean!

Chris Melcher says:

Just a little FYI ; Dodge also made Neons.

BTW, I love the show. Keep up the great work.

Larz says:

Wow. That car is stunning. I actually hate muscle cars. I just started watching this series because I am a gear head and I love all things that go fast. This car is beautiful and amazing. I especially love the headrests that add modern safety to old school seats. My question is, will the headrests absorb energy and deform, turning kinetic energy into heat (which protects the driver's spine) or will it spring back, causing whip lash and fractures when the absorbed energy is released?

AtholAnderson says:

1600 hp and 20 pounds of boost. Proof that with enough power even a brick can fly.

Semaj sober says:

but does it have A/C?

propdoctor21564 says:

This car is fantastic !!!

corey Hassan says:

Troy builds the best cars I've ever seen, from the first time I seen him on RIDES on TLC he still builds the most amazing machines.

tclott316 says:

I grew up 7 miles down the road from Troys shop, in Peotone, IL. And I've somehow never managed to ever see that car. I'm absolutely blown away. I'm speechless, that car is too perfect, and it was built right down the road from me.

Love Love says:

the voice is blabbering i can't even understand some words..

Derek Swanson says:

Easily in the top 5 coolest Mopars of modern times. Great job with that Belvi!!!

namrog says:

But does it have ac

Vincent Scott says:

Watched all of /BIG MUSCLE and noticed there aren't any new episodes. Googled what has Mike been up to lately, came across an article that brought me here…

I can live again.

George Avgarsky says:

what's smoking from the right front wheel well?

motmot welch says:

Is that steam blow off that's coming from under the passenger side front bumper ??

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