2013 Jeep Wrangler 6.4L HEMI

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Here is a recent build we just finished! Loaded with a 6.4L HEMI with a Head and Cam package from Arrington Engines! Listen for the exhaust cutout about half way through the video!

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carlosbishig1 says:

Excellent job

Skodz Gaming says:

This is what stock 40k jeep should look like

Jake Phelix says:

do you sound proof the interior to help with the engine noise

therealfirstone says:

The 6.4 HEMI is good enough for me.

Kyle Kessler says:

This Jeep is a masterpiece

Trap Vibes says:

Those doors suck

Mike Farar says:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…HOW MUCH???????

NorthWest Beast says:

Please check out my off-road videos on my channel. Let me know what you all think! #jeepworld #offroad

Deondre Johnson says:

I know the owner of this Jeep it's bad ass I did some work on his yard in 12 oaks

Mark Shark says:

Hey Kevin, can you get similar built RHD

TFfolkes says:

whatever you guys do stay away from the TITAN ENGINE 4.9s in Ocala, Florida. They are selling 4.7 as 4.9s and everyone I have heard about has blown a gasket the first week. Then they say to sue the gasket company. WARNING

TFfolkes says:

the cratr 6.4s are under 8 grand. what would be cost t install in 98 the with whatever else is needed. auto trans and such?

burger boy burger boy says:

what size inch is this ?

fuckyourmother1960 says:

Overdone looks ghey

King Judah says:

This Jeep is so bad ass, I love all of the custom touches that they incorporated especially the Hemi and exhaust system. my question is how much is this particular Jeep?

Christopher Bales says:

Just asking a question…

The retractable running boards, do they stay up when you take the doors off.?

3Gunner says:

How much ???????

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