2013 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Straight Pipe

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Immediately after purchasing my new Ram, I had the muffler removed and replaced it with a Y-Pipe. Everything else is still stock, leaving the resonators and catalytic converters.

Video of powder coated tips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCGPLnRFrgU&feature=youtu.be

Video with CAI and Ported TB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx6ccllCzuU


Raul Tadeo sanchez de la o says:

que me la vendes o que

3rd coast jeeplos 006 says:


Slac adjuster says:

Yup, sounds bad ass man. I did the EXACT same thing to my 15 Ram. Leaving the resonators, and catalytic converters in place. Mufflers deleted, replaced with a Y-pipe.There is NO better sound.

Bigfoot.308 says:

now i want a hemi. damnit

Eric Garcia says:

I'm excited about doing my 2006 Chrysler 300c HEMI today straight pipe but should i do it all the way through? or just back half?

Jose Benavides says:

What did you do to it ? It sounds great and I want to do it to my 13 hemi

deadboy600 says:

10 series with reso delete is much louder and personally, I think it just has more of legitimate deep and intentional sound instead of sounding like an accident where someone butchered the exhaust with a Sawzall. Straight pipes sound like garbage on these trucks….but hey, we all hear things differently; if you're happy who cares…

red5oh88 says:

thinking about trading my focus st for one just like this. really miss having a v8, good video

Edmond Hatfield says:

dam good video..Love that sound…

olliefraga says:

Good Video! Finally someone who knows how to do it!

Santos Labastida says:

Hey man after you got it done
Did you get a tune done on it?

mopar man57 says:

sounds mean

Armando Gaxiola says:

que perron suena la RAM

Labeled Yahzz says:

remove the skipper tapple deducter from the crank shaft impacter to delete the rev limiter

Jake Perry says:

oh damn I'm hard guys haha

Andrew Long says:

not straight piped. muffler deleted. get it right.

T Parrish says:

You can get rid of the rev limiter by having it half way between nutruel and drive, but still showing in nutrel

4wheelmadness1 says:

I am wanting to do this, any codes thrown, loss of power? Will this void the warranty?

timmypstyle says:

any issues with any sensors? I'm looking to do this setup. also the driveby….was that in eco mode or was the cylinder shutoff turned off? thanks.

Logan Smith says:

this is how every exhaust video should be made. good job man

Mopar Magic says:

If you want to stop cylinder deactivation from kicking in just put it in manual shift mode. Works great and barely effects my gas mileage. It also kills the annoying drone.

MAD DOG says:

nice chain saw

Devon Weeks says:

I have a 13 crew cab and was wondering if it drones in the cab cruising on the highway Thanks

MiTreasureHunter says:

Sounds good.  I purchased a brand new 2015 Ram 1500 4×4 Crew Cab with the 5.7L Hemi and it has the 8 speed automatic (love it).  Less then 14 hours after I purchased it I had it at a local muffler shop getting the muffler cut off and a Y pipe welded in its place.  Total cost was $130 and I know I could have got it done cheaper by simply calling around to other shops but I wanted it done immediately LOL.  I love the sound of it, I was going to install a custom exhaust later but have decided against it, it sounds to good as is.  It turns heads and I get lots of compliments!!  Down side, my MPG is garbage because I'm always getting on the throttle 🙂   Anyone considering doing the same thing I highly recommend it!  Just have it done by someone that knows what they are doing so if you think its to loud you can have your stock muffler put back in.  I have many videos on my channel demonstrating how mine sounds, and how the 8 speed transmission shifts and sounds.  Take Care.

peppaboy9 says:

do you burn more fuel without the muffler I'm thinking about doing the something but if its gone burn fuel fuck it right now i got the super 10 without the resonators

Gnoob says:

Sounds good bro getting ready to do this to my 14

matt rushing says:

I've been thinking of doing this. I've got CAI, longtube headers and no cats. Has a Flowmaster on it now. You think deleting the Flowmaster for a y-pipe would be louder?

乂乂乂_nɹɐnns_乂乂乂 says:

How bad is your fuel economy with the straight pipes?

Arnold's Design says:

Of all the modded exhausts I've seen on here for the hemi ram, this one sounds the best and the most economical aproach. Have you noticed any loss of power because of reduced back pressure?

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