2018 Ram 1500 with 5.7L Hemi

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2018 Ram 1500 with 5.7L Hemi Truck
FCA held the annual What’s New product display for 2018 models at the Chelsea Proving Grounds Chelsea, MI, for invited journalists to drive the product. 06.27.17
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william bennett says:

Same crappy dash Chrysler get your heads out of your asses and Create something new!

Devo Dar says:

I absolutely love that truck but in a sport model you should have a pistol grip gear select, or, at least paddle shifters.

Zach says:

Learn how to open the hood ding dong

Andrew says:

In my opinion the running boards should be a gloss black no matter the color of the truck. Black would make them disappear and blend in with the underside of the truck. The white makes them stand out and it takes away from the lines of the truck.

TmuxpridE says:

I don't understand why american vehicles still come with cheap plastics and weak performance.

Hayden Briggs says:

Damn, that's a good looking truck!

AlbertWesker203 says:

I woke up in a new Dodge ram

D Smyth says:

Im so happy this truck is getting re model for 2019 i love my 2016 sport but this 18 is literally the same truck no innovation just boring

sheldon blankenship says:

A 4 year old girl could have executed the same quality video as this

HFR83 says:

Are all the running boards color match on the 18 night edition trucks?

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