2500hp Street Car!?!? INSANE Blown Hemi Alcohol

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GORGEOUS 1963 Plymouth Valiant sporting a 528 Hemi, Blown running on Alcohol. This is the nicest & nastiest car I have ever seen, ridden in, touched or worked on. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!

During this video the car was only 5% overdriven… It is ~1500whp @ 5%, 2500whp+ @ 20% overdriven. Lenco 3 speed. Fab Rear end with 4.57 gears for the street. 4 link, molly chassis (NHRA 6.3 Certified, Pro Mod), etc.

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Special thanks to James Autonomi for the Music: https://soundcloud.com/autonami

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Charles TaiRakena says:

how much did you spend on the car to get it where it is.

Bob Kerbs says:

That's a nice penis extension.

Joe Stewart says:

2500, no 600 OR 800 AT BEST, please. I know who built it.

N37BU6 says:

11:33 Slammed him so hard he started sucking dicks.

chris77777777ify says:

How can that be legal when the turbo charger is blocking the view.

K.C.L. TRX250R says:

Wow! Unbelievable car. Thank you for sharing that video that really made my day. Simply awesome! Cheers,mate.

Shaun Victor says:

Didn't know you could do such a thing to an ole Valiant,looks like you spiffed it up a little.

themanginaman says:

cant imagine how much of a feather foot you have going through that crowd. Id be running people over left and right on accident.

19acouto92 says:

Should take that to Oklahoma and race it against the street outlaws…

Luciano Liberti says:

Fucking Animal.

pensive69 says:

for what it's worth i'd strongly suggest much wider backup ramps on the portable dyno.
with some sidewall edges to keep your rig aligned.
i mean we have all seen things go off them…

this is a fun rig.

'…No disrespect but it did look like you had to prime it to start and even then not every time it would start, just my opinion of what I seen in the video….'
that's common with alcohol starts.
i have heard that some rigs have a gas start with the alcohol coming on when it's running.

TarisRedwing says:

That would be a dream ride to get to ride in that.

TarisRedwing says:

lol that thing is the Batmobile taking off like that lol

Chris Pastuf says:

get this beast on the show street outlaws

Aspie Otaku says:

Lets see a BMW beat this, none? So much for the ultimate driving machine!

Quirk91 says:

Really cool car! But if its for roaduse only, why have the chute and wheelie bar on it?

promodracer says:

I second that, +elcomino man

Eric Day says:

At like 10:20.. "Its never been at a track, strictly a street car."

Ha! You're a maniac. I love it.

ramosel says:

Dave Henry (those who know, know the name) built a similar beast with a 68 Camaro… But an even bigger accomplishment was talking the lady at the DMV into registering it as an "alternative fuel" vehicle for the California streets and HOV lanes!!!

Retz says:

Why do people always make old cars into drag cars? Wouldn't it be much more efficient to make a modern sports car into a drag car?

Tyler McClain says:

this is what it looks like when you build a v8 like people build there hondas these days

patrick pat says:

t'as d'l'aire d'un d'gros d'épais

Jacko The Gay Plastic Nosed Lying Drug Addicted Skin Bleaching Pedophile Freak From Hell says:

Line that thing in razor blades and run it through the millions of violent murderous rioting niggers that have turned the USA into a complete shithole.

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