331 Chrysler hemi build

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Chrysler Fire Power 331 HEMI engine assembly


Серега Шитик says:

great engine, great assembling, but WORST cyclic music!

sterling Wilkey says:

That was awesome

Anthony Beard says:

Hevy, but sacrifices must be made for those horses.

Jack Frost says:

No start up???

fordpower1977 says:

Would have loved to hear it run

Ronnie Boucher says:

great job and really beautiful looking engine = you have a good eye = a roller cam well done and thank you sir – 331 !

lane D says:

Just curious what year this engine is and what car it went into

Lee Crt says:

All that careful work, and you mount a shitty Fram Filter on it? Awful.

Maidenlord 666 says:

I can't watch this cause of that damn cow bell

Tony Brettrager says:

Whos Intake was that?

Brian says:

We need an update video. Great job

Jonas Haaland says:

holy shit the music is fucking annoying

Mark Means says:

Was the time lapse just too fast? That was the cleanest cam & crank install I've ever seen. When was the assembly lube smeared on? Or is your philosophy pre-oiling just prior to first start?

medhist2006 says:

Beautifuljob. I love the tri carb setup:)

Matthew Riley says:

good video rely enjoyable but the same short audio clip over and over is annoying

Greg Lindsey says:

Beautiful engine. Long live the Hemi

Tyson Gonsorowski says:

Cool motor I got a 55 Chrysler I'm going to be doing soon I will watch the video again but with the volume down that cow bell drives me crazy

Anti Zakkonic says:

If you read this Manuel, I hope you and all your loved ones (toys too!) are okay and make it through hurricane Maria in #1 condition. Stay safe & dry my friend.

Anti Zakkonic says:

SWEET! Since you went with a roller cam I assume You built it to to wind pretty tight and it certainly should. Question- what trans are you mating up to that long bell block? I've got a '51 331 long bell in the garage I'm planning on punching out to the 354 bore but I still haven't decided whether to mill it off and go to the late model pattern or go with a plate, your thoughts? Anyway, congrats on your choice, the world doesn't need another SBC in a rod and just the sight of an early hemi tooling down the road makes me grin- hearing it revving skyward always a plus! Enjoy it.

Manuel Martinez says:

Specs: 0.040 over ROSS pistons for 10:5 CR, stock rods and crank, ARP rod bolts, ARP crank and heads studs, 292 x 450 cam, original valvetrain with Smith adjustable pushrods and mopar 340 double roller timing chain and oil pump. Hot Heads intake with 3×2 Rochester setup.

mickfoil says:

Great build! I'm curious about the specs if you wouldn't mind sharing them. And I hope the HEMI found a good home in that sweet red coupe behind you. 😀

descargaelbano says:

Cool engine build!

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