392 Intake INSTALLED on 5.7L Hemi… FINALLY!!!

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392 6.4L Hemi Intake Manifold, Air Intake on 5.7L hemi installed. If you would like a 392 6.4L hemi intake with active runners on your 5.7L Hemi RT check out this video!

Steve Install – South NJ

Shocka252 on Beats


John Doe says:

For us 5.7 guys you are the go to mane great looking mopar an I bet she’s hauling ass


This guy does really good work from what I see! All the wiring is done really well to where it looks factory. I'm very interested in doing this mod to my car. When i'm ready, I would like you to hook me up with him! I'm guessing he is in the NY area. I'm down for a drive. Great video and loving the 5.7 content!

Black_Betty_82 says:

Any pic of engine bay. Im doing the same thing. Thanks

Joe Outland says:

This is awesome! I plan on doing this same upgrade on my 5.7L 2015 R/T Plus Challenger. Your video was the most informative on YouTube, for anyone looking to gain some insight on the intake swap on a 5.7. I'm definitely excited to see the dyno!!! That'll probably be my ultimate selling point! Thanks a lot!

KrashFinatik says:

Glad to finally see this install.
I forgot to ask if once you installed the cam did you have to start using premium fuel?

Yes It's Me says:

That puppy sure does haul ass!

Gus Lucatero says:

Do you happen to have the wiring diagram for this mod?

Chad Mowery says:

Any reason for not going with the 6.1 intake?


Could you post whats needed for the swap – thanks

Adolfo Gonzalez says:

Do you know if the same mod will work on the challenger 5.7

Chris Parkison says:

Do the active runners make a difference? If they do, can't you just drive the car with the runners in an "always open" setting and not wire them up? It does seem like a lot of work if it only give 5-10HP, if it develops more that will be sweet. Still awesome to see you doing so much to an R/T and showing us 5.7 guys that our cars are still a beast to be reckoned with.

brewtownonesix says:

Hey congrats on 25K.

Venom Hemi says:

any luck with the new 0 to 60s?

modern mopar muscle says:

I've decided to cam Excalibur while the moter is out.so I'm looking to install the 5.7 early spring..thanks for doing a 06 rt..I loved it.gongrates on 25k…I have my brother watching and he's a mustang GT owner.thanks for staying with the 5.7..phil

ile Rodriguez says:

I got the intake manifold ordered but do I need the wiring and if so do you have a link where to get them and what all do you need for this install

Vultite says:

So when is the brake upgrade coming?

Brian Wells says:

GREAT Freaking video !! Thanks for all you do for our community

GPtwo says:

Very nice. Good-looking, clean install.

Darren Telfair says:

What was the cost of everything? Where did you get the 392 intake?

AVG Joes Garage says:

Can't wait to see so play time. Looking good so far!

Cleve Land says:

Dude I've been seeing a ton of 5.7 owners add the 6.4 style Intake manifold. Nice build as always bruh. Happy for u

Can I be Frank says:

Automatic waste of time

James Hutch says:

I've seen a couple of your videos, awesome content and outstanding work, from a fellow Mopar enthusiast to another I think this will surely be my next mod on my 5.7 Hemi…….Subscribed!!!!!!

Mark johnston says:

Just wanted to to step back in for this, for now…If I'd not been content as a "C" grade mod guy to our beloved R/T, and had wished to advance to an "A" grade mod guy, then I would use your advancements as my template! Your consistent continuity of performance enhancements has been nothing short of SUPERB. You never lost sight of the importance of top shelf parts and professional installation. Mrs. J. wishes to withdraw her invitation to race you since she only lines up against cars she knows she can beat.
You are cookin'! Keep up the good work.

Destroyer Gray P-38 says:

You should get some custom badges and have it say Powered by R/T Life

Michael Jakubec says:

cool mod, i thought about that but i went with the 6.1 intake, didnt like the plastic stuff, Good job

High_Octane_Hemi says:

Very Nice install!!! Love the new look. Definitely some wiring going on there,but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Car sounds real nice! What exhaust setup are you running. I know you have the 40's but what else are you running?

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