426 Hemi Confirmed? – Mopar Reveals Teaser Video w/ Tons of Hints! – (MOPAR NEWS)

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Mopar has just dropped some huge hints about the 426 Hemi with a teaser video, and I’d say it’s all but confirmed…we will find out the details on October 30th but the hype is definitely building!


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2x4 Barrels says:

Unless they start selling MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS I ain't buying SHIT !!!

Clifford Jones says:

MOPAR 4 LIFE Hemi badst in the world that's a fact

Johnathan Campbell says:

Or it might be a t-rex prints like for the trx rebel

Nigel Robinson says:

I hope its a 69 styled charger coming too


whats a 354 hemi??? whast the liters?

Greg says:

Rock balls, the only motor I would want more than a forced induction (GM or Mopar) 6.2. I heard the banshee 7.0 is going in the charger and truck.

CG KUCH says:

The Bear paw!

Tristan Hartman says:

Marspeed, instead of doing HP per square inch, look at the HP increase from the 6.1 to 6.4. With .3 liters of displacement extra, HP went up by 60(425-485). So, going from 6.4 to 7.0 is an extra .6 liters, or 120HP lol. Id venture to say a pattern of that increase is more accurate. Expect to see a 426 SRT at 585-600HP.


I hope its forced inducted…. otherwise what a waste!

BLACKHEAT1028 says:

426 or Red Eye????? Dollar for dollar which one

jason marshall says:

I'll be glad when something happens. I got a 2015 Scat Chally. Idk weather to stroke it out to a 426, add a Whipple to the 392, buy a Hellcat, or wait for the 426. Something gotz to give!!!

Yahir Barreto says:

No one else’s thinks that that’s the “banshee” engine?

Keith Coppage says:

It'll come out in the upcoming next-generation Ram HD first.

Cactus Rider says:

They are powerful and great engines but not because of the shape. The hemi now in production is not like when they came out, more of a semi hemi shape. The hemispheric shape is no longer needed for the same purpose. It is advertising, making it 426 or more likely just close and call it that anyways.

Kain Pope says:

You can already get a gen II 426 crate engine form Mopar performance and a gen III 426 as well so I don't get why they would be unvailing an engine that already exists, in my opinion if it is going to have anything new about it, it would be either cheaper, as hemi's have always been extremely expensive engines, or it would be larger than the largest current crate engine, the 572ci or 9.3L hemi. But I'm just speculating.

Captain Howdy says:

I hope it is going to be an all new engine not just a current Hemi engine with 426 cubic inches. Or at least a heavily modified current block with new Hemi heads and an intake specific to the 426 Hemi to set it apart from to other Hemis. If Crystler just takes a current Hemi engine and change the bore slightly and call it a 426 what would be the point?

dualsnorkel says:

I’ll be there on Tuesday to see it in person. Good stuff.

Sarah Elvirita says:

I think the trailer means that thw 426 hemi aka the elephant engine will be in the hellcat

WessideRunnin says:

demon or redeye turn key crate engine combo probably.

Ronald Smith says:

something tells me we will have a Gen III 426 Hemi which I feel is not good. Gen II please with a new 45 degree hemi heads or the old D5 heads. That would be good.

A!V3n . . says:

Not a real HEMIspherical head from 50s and 60s , only thing the same is self name "Hemi" because it's Chrysler/ Mopar owned . .

Conor Power says:

They already said the Ram is getting a 7 litre so for sure it's coming!!!

Rick w says:

and its naturally aspirated so you can add your own go fast parts I guess

Rick w says:

the engine you can buy now for 13k its 540 hp

kyle stewart says:

Hopefully it will be a NA motor with all forged internals. That way customers can build the beast anyway they want. Just another great option Mopar is giving its customers!

Muscle car lives!!!!

Tom Lopez says:

We won boys

GREASER1959 says:

Maybe it's saying the Hellcats are being stomped on comparing to this

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