426 Hemi OUT! WIDEBODY Charger Hellcat & 392 in… 2020

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Dodge Charger Angel Demon Hellcat Scatpack Challenger News for 2020! MoparInsiders has reported there will be a widebody Charger Hellcat & Scatpack in 2020. The 7.0L 426 Hemi is likely not going to make production & the 392 will be hanging around for a while!

@Antastic_91 – Thank you for the heads up

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808 horsepower says:

My opinion is that Dodge came up with 426 to scare competition specially Ford to let them know who is the power king , now knowing what GT500 has Dodge dont have to improve so much demon engine it is enough for a little while until ford will be able to step up to the power game.

William Douglass says:

Well your information you're getting is wrong and I know this because I have a friend that works for Dodge first off the 392 is dead it will no longer be available in any car. It will be only in the 1320 at the end of 2019 it is gone so you're wrong. 2nd off the 426 will be going in the charger that is why they are making the charger a wide-body it only makes sense so I would say I would take a bet with you right now that by 2020 or 2021 you will see the introduction of the 426 Hemi in the Dodge Charger. You might want to check your sources because I'm this I think you're dead wrong

KingDing919 says:

The charger already has nice body lines and curves. I think a wide body version would make the charger even sexier. It would be cool if they brought back the 440.

Will Jeff says:

I hope the wide body isn’t cheesy like they did on challenger where they simply put some 4×4 fender flares. SRT really needs to give the Charger a full hip widening like the Camaro and Mustang have. That would look sick!!

CTHellcat says:

The wide body is great news – any love for the charger is good in my opinion. 426 would be nice, but based on recent history they'd probably only release it in the challenger. So F that – give me a widebody charger.

Yamaha R1 says:

Why put a wide body on these cars there already heavy enough .

ChallengerGuy22 says:

I'd love to see a 426 N/A more affordable for us mere mortals. If they can get that 392 to something like 505hp that would decent upgrade and it would match there hp theme.


I can't wait to get my scat pack I would be super happy with it , if they bring out the wide body kit after my purchase I will be a bit sad but happy as long as they don't change power or add a super charger I prefer natural or at least a demon engine

T & T R/ T 5.7. Toby. B Baca says:

Got to tell you ace , the more videos you put out . The better you are getting. Nice work

Vehqzi says:

In my opinion I think 2020 will be the last year for the v8 Charger. After that they will maybe go electric or v6 who knows.

Sinister 392 says:

A wide-body Charger . Hell yeah ! I can’t wait

Hydra Shock says:

What i find doubtful is Dodge spending the $ to research a 426 engine onky to be sold in a crate. How many people buy crate motors?!? Like .01% of the population. Makes NO sense to spend the R&D capital in such a niche market imho…..so im holding out hope!

Bryan Union says:

That’s because a 426 won’t make fuel economy standards would be my guess even with 4 cyl mode

Big Bossman says:

probably because that engine would have trouble meeting emissions standards in all 50 states

H3mi head says:

392 can't handle forced air well longevity wise.

Nate Iglesia says:

They need to make the 392 stronger so it can handle more aftermarket boost. If they do, i may go after one and through a whipple on it.

jason marshall says:

I'm not ruling out The Hellephant just yet. It's the Ace in the Hole aka the elephant in the room. They will continue to work on getting a version of it into production. Until then (more than likely once they do) they will spoon feed us the Chargers we've been waiting for. Widebody, Red-Eye, & Demon. After we've digested those, then The Hellephant will arise!!!

Frankie 072 says:

Does fp2000 frank ,buy 2 sets of tires each time lol,that car is always blowing smoke out the wheel wells lol

Frankie 072 says:

I hope there isnt a redesign for a while.I honestly cant see the current challenger being topped,and for the charger ,it has been so refined from when it was introduced.Mopar changed the game in 2015,and I just want to see them keep refining /tweaking these awesome cars that we have already…

eichler721 says:

I see the 426 coming but in 2021 at earliest in a Halo car. You don't want to step on the Demon's or the Redeye's toes to quick. You piss off the Demon owners who are loyal and you cut into Redeye sales.

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