426 HEMI rumored for the Challenger and Charger. My thoughts.

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AA- RON says:

Hey B, how about a "my thoughts" on the 99-04 lightning? Just traded my notchback for one. So far alot of fun!

Crazy55 Rider says:

But build it in America.

ED_RT says:

I think.it will.be just like the demon vs hellcat back then, now everybody loves the demon it should be fine

BB78 Mike 92 says:

+B Mason

What do you think about Dodge keeping the 5.7L when it really doesn't compete with any other cars directly. The entry V8 Mustang and Camaros are making 70ish more horsepower than the 5.7 Hemi and for around the same price. If you want to be competitive with the American cars, you HAVE to step up to a 6.4 Hemi. The 5.7 Hemi is completely out-of-place now.

Al R. says:

I'm just curious about the new look. All the concept photos I've seen on the future gens have been hideous in my opinion. If Dodge decides to move the Challenger away from its classic looks and body style, I'd rather just keep my '16 SRT and just put a brand new stroker in it!


I hope they supercharge the 426; then I'd buy one.

danandsamk says:

I agree on the transmission and any HC/Demon components that could help durability.

As to traction, I agree but the same would apply to narrow body 15+ Hellcats which develop more power down low than any likely production 426 Hemi would make. That ship has sailed and why I also was not interested in more than a 392. Spinning ain't winning on a street car.

My guess is it would be available in WB or narrow like the current HC's.

I'd prefer a wider square setup and as a side note wonder what keeps them from changing the front end to tuck it in more, even at the expense of turning radius if need be.

Twon G says:

Isnt the 6.1 hemi is basically a 426 producing 425HP

Brian Messing says:

A true Mopuppy fanatic good to see some still around loved YOUR speech ! You should be on the SRT Team we need someone like you speaking for us much much smaller pockets. Rocking my 2018 392 Daytona absolutely love my Baby lol .

X-cesiv says:

Great video Brian.  Love the 426 idea but yes they will definitely need to figure out how to beef it up and keep costs down to reasonable number.

Artie Rodriguez says:

Don't understand why Dodge is going with 426, they should improve 392 higher RPM power band, & lose some serious weight. This is a powerful engine with almost 500hp/500tq. Dodge needs to go in the direction of Camaro lightweight chassis and Advanced its push rod engine with direct port injection. This is where Dodge falls behind Ford/Chevy with lack of Edgenuity bigger is not always better.

Rich says:

Shave 600lbs off the Challenger and offer a staggered tire setup as you mentioned and there will be no need for a 426. The 392 is MORE than capable of flinging 3600lbs down a strip with ease.

Alex SJ says:

is this a good price for 392 hemi challenger in my city they are 31,000 brand new ..

J2 J says:

Ur right weight is the issue If they start with the fiat frame and lose some weight mopar could scare people with their cars I'd love to see a Barricuda come with a 426

Eric Crabtree says:

I also think the 426 making a return would be awesome, but I believe the rumored Barracuda would be a great platform with it supposedly being smaller and lighter. I mean who wouldn’t want a 426 HEMI ‘Cuda lol….as long as they don’t butcher the looks of the car like the poor dart.

BDOG JR says:

Awesome Professor : You definitely got the Hornet nest buzzing here. I hope FCA has learned from GMs mistake with the Z28 & will get the cars out to the public that we want without having to suffer with unwanted options & Astronomical prices. Perhaps a 426 Hemicuda convertible could be in our future.

Nicasio Dean says:

All dodges need grade A aluminum driveshafts rated for over the power the vehicle. You also smashed that argument man.

bikenutt1000 says:

Aluminum block… is that good? I think if I get to where I want more power I would trade my 392 for a Hellcat and take the next step up – the real step up. I dont see the point of messing around when the Hellcat is already proven.

SUB-ZERO says:

Dodge needs to stop being cheap with the wheel setups. Stop putting baby 245's on a 392 275's on a hellcat and 305's on widebody. All these cars spin like crazy with these setups.
392s should be 275s in the back at least
Hellcats should have 315s at the rear at least
These tires can never hook on videos I'm watching they spin like crazy.

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