5.7L Hemi Camshaft and Lifter Failure Tips/Tricks Timing Chain Look

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A 2010 Dodge Charger with the 5.7L Hemi engine, Had a misfire and a knocking noise under higher rev. Lifter and Camshaft are bad, also we take a closer look at the timing setup on this engine.


buster hymen says:

If part numbers are needed I'll post when I do the repair don't want hijack this video….thanks again for the excellent information and taking the time to record and post it

buster hymen says:

Also there is a timing chain recall or something similar. …metal guide with plastic….this 2009 was done in 2014….go to the Mopar recall website enter Vin number

buster hymen says:

Having a similar issue with 2009 police pursuit 5.7. Have a friend Michigan State Trooper said they've had more than he can remember. He said the issue as stated to him was high idle hours. As car is in MDS mode and then sudden acceleration a high pitched squealing noise is heard….roller seizing on lifter….this excellent video shows the aftermath…..I'll make a video when I get it tore down …2015 has a new MDS lifter design guess they didn't make production until 2016….I have all the parts will get started next week…..using 6.1 exhaust springs on all valves ….6.1 pushrods on all….keepers and retainers….all 6.1….original 5.7 VVT cam…. $74 at dealer….hearing some people are using 6.4/392 cam for more HP over 4000 rpm….plug and play with a tuner no phase limiter needed….I'm not messing with it

FL Bill says:

did you have any issues with oil passages for the MDS solenoids? I have a 5.7 in my bays right now that it looks like the oil passages to the #1 cylinder are clogged. 🙁 I also suspect wiped cam lobes. I am very disappointed in this engine design. Between broken valve springs and lifter issues… Thanks for the video!

Kevin Huttenlocher says:

Do you have the part numbers and quantity of each part # for the lifters? I am a bit confused about MDS and non MDS. If I look up lifters on RockAuto, It is not clear what they mean. One is non-MDS and one is with MDS. I was under the impression that they are all MDS lifters and the quantity would be (2pcs) 5038785AC (front) and (2pcs) 5038786AC (rear) with each having 4 lifters in its composite holder. Is that right? Can you confirm that? 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 with MDS

Kevin Huttenlocher says:

listening and watching your description of detail about how you were able to avoid dropping the oil pan was the best part. I am beginning a cam and lifter change tomorrow on a 2011 ram 1500 4WD that has a bad cam lobe on cyl #3 and I was wishing there was a workaround of dropping the pan which I was dreading. Your extra detail (that nobody else mentioned anywhere) about turning the oil pump clockwise slightly allowing pickup tube bolt access was golden. You get the golden buzzer $$$$$$$$$$#$$$$$$$$$#############$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$######################

Great video

James Wiles says:

I have a question? On my 09 charger 5.7 I have a misfire 5. I pulled the valve cover and see no evidence of a broken spring so I put the coils on and started it, I see all the cylinders but 5 are squirting oil all over. What can cause that? Could it be the lifter or what should we check?

Oscar Gutierrez says:

Ey sir so i my truck no hwy at 40 miles/h the msd kiks on and it is making a loud ticky noise but i just replace the timing changes,tensioner and the mds solenoids ,lifters and vvt solenoid to an is making the same sound . It could be that is the vvt sprocket ? I did a visual check on the cam and it was ok . Note: on Tow-Haul  or manual shift is not making the ticky sound

Tim Austin says:

Hello. I just had the exact problem with my 2011 GC 5.7 Hemi. The #5 intake lifter did exact thing. I have a local dealer doing the work. This is the quote I got from him today as I was suppose to pick it up "We have run into a little bit of a problem with the Jeep. We started it up and there was a knocking type noise so we turned it right off. The technician wants to re check the timing, he thinks there might be something wrong with it that might be a tooth or 2 off"

Sounds like timing was off. Question is what kind of damage could have they done?

BTW – Replaced cam and all lifters with new Mopar dealer parts.

mom Ramos says:

is way more easy to work with engine off from transmission housing i take them off in a hour

z1bigtom says:

2007 Magnum R/T.. 145,000 miles, just bought it pulls like a freight train.. Just oil changed, now have what sounds like a tap in valve cover pass side. No sound at idle, lightly taps when rpm's go up… 55lbs oil cold at idle, 25-30 at idle hot… Diablo tuner, 91 tune..no codes, runs great… Any ideas? And how were the cam bearings in that car you fixed? thanks

fredy molina says:

thank you for your video it helps me a lot

Les Wil says:

I am currently experiencing this same issue with a 2012 300 6.4 hemi, misfire in cylinder 5, we replaced spark plugs, coil pack, and injector. I definielty believe it's a bad lifter now


What was the milage on the motor?

Mike Vaughan says:

2009 thru 2011 5.7 hemis have a recall on timing set go to mopar website click on MY VEHICLE-> RECALLS—> VIN# enter your vin and scroll down to see if there are any open recalls on your car. No questions. Dealer will honor it. Just brought my recently acquired RT 225K miles. they did the recall. now I also did not know about until I had a p0305 code which turned out to be bad lifter/cam

Ameer says:


ObedGrind says:

actually, i have the P0016 code un my 2011 ram 5.7 The engine run but with reduced performance and Fuel efficiency is not very good, at times a sound similar to the friction of the timing chain, the pressure already at nominal temperature is 16psi and 20mph from 43psi to 44psi ……What do you think it could be?

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