6.4 Hemi Crate Engine Swap! Drift `Cuda Gets Modern Hemi Power! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 47

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In this episode of Hot Rod Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, our Drift Project, a 1972 Plymouth `Cuda, gets a serious drivetrain for the kind of sideways action we want out of this car! Watch Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa install the brand-new Mopar Performance 392 Crate Hemi kit and a Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed into project FishTail. As part of a six-week build to unveil the car for SEMA, the guys are hustling to turn this barn find into a track monster!

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Jonathan Dexter says:

My Girlfriends go three different positions for my stick! LOL

christoffer1973 says:

why did you go for a return less fuel system? for horse power is better whit return to tank system and it cool down the fuel. Ore am I wrong? this is the third time seen this episode. love your videos

connor jones says:

i think a 440 would have been cooler but i understand yall need the modern power

King Salmon says:

I have a 73 charger would like to do something like this.

King Salmon says:

What the total cost for this build?

Darius Desselle says:

i wish they would do a 4th gen camaro

MLP-Hot-Rod says:

I wonder why we don't see more modern Hemi crate engines swapped into the classics. Chevy's LS gets swapped everywhere.

w41duvernay says:

How the hell will he handle the shifter and the hand brake with just the right hand in that car?

smilsmff says:

ok so the floor was cut for transmission tunnel and there was factory bracing for transmission support cut out ,my question is ,if you cut that out did you reinforce area? is it necessary?none of that shown

Craig Parkinson says:

wheres the rest of the build?? goes from this to sema magic. wot the?

MrBluBox says:

__ __ _____ __ _ _ ____, _______ __ _____ __, HEMI !

Eclipse GSX says:

thanks goodness it's not another ls swap

Patrick Gillilan says:

Lucky is a fucking boss.

Kemp Dog says:

lucky looks devo when told take it apart lol

Go Away says:

Please do a twin turbo big block already.

Chikapingtow enterprise says:

love how the older guy has a bigger inner 12 year old 🙂

Lifted_Above says:

"BAM!!" fail. Sound is cut. haha

James Cooper says:

Could you guys do something with a Chevy Nova or a Buick Special?? That'd be really cool

Isabella Schmidt says:

sight song act undertake nose ideal herb

Gerry Agufana says:

Awesome!!!,,………………hey guys!!! West coast customs did the mad max car using the wrong car i think you guys can do a far much better job

Cool Stuff Guys Like says:

I love these shows. Less drama, more real actual content. I learn something useful every time I watch you guys.

ziiofswe says:

BA! – Freiburger

highlandrab19 says:

Tony you're mumbling again

Eric Lizotte says:

One of the best builds you guys have done!

Roman M says:

sound is fckn insane

marcel derman says:

best show ever]

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