6.4 VS 5.7 HEMI WHY do people BUY the 5.7 over 6.4?!

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There’s a lot of reasons why people choose to buy what they buy when it comes to a vehicle. In this video we will talk about some reasons why people might pick the 5.7 Liter over the 6.4 Liter HEMI. Overall costs, Maintaining differences, Fuel economy. power supply and other reasons go into why people might want to purchase one over the other. Let’s take a look into a few reasons why people might stray away from the Scatpack or SRT models and go with the 345 5.7L Hemi.

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KnightedSpartan says:

As always dude you're out here killin' it. You've been so helpful with the information, your enthusiasm sparked an appreciation and what has become an obsession with/determination to obtain a Scat Pack of my own. That and I love that you interact with us both here in the comments and also on insta in the dms. I like getting your YouTube notifications about a new video, followed shortly by a dm to go watch. Best content creator ever for these beasts.

N0bLy_Hades says:

Is a Cold Air Intake enough to beat a Scat Pack?


I'm thinking about grabbing a Hellcat. I have a 2017 Chrysler 300s with the 5.7 Hemi in it, and love it. I really wish Chrysler sold the SRT 300s over here vice overseas.

Fredito says:

What do you think about the 6.1 hemi ?

Dark Cave says:

5.7 lived more

MrShawnuff says:

5.7= dropped valve sleeves

Heith Watkins says:

I read alot of the comments. I just don't understand the bragging about the 392. Sure it's faster than the 5.7,but it's not even remotely close to the Hell cat Red Eye. …..so if you really want to outrun everyone, why waste time with the 392. If you like the 392, that's fine, but don't act like your superior, when your not. Buy the Demon and then act bad ass.

Max Butcher says:

I bought the 5.7 because it's a work horse and with regular maintenance will easily last 300,000 miles.

NamelessHero211 says:

This is Murica we Cubic Inches not the Liter crap. The 345 Hemi is a good size and gas saver. The 392 is great but not as realible aparantly im told. But if you wanna be a man save up 120k and get your self a 426 Hemi Mopar Muscle car. REAL HEMI POWER!!!

Scarface says:

The 5.7 Challenger should be respected. It’s a heavy car because it’s meant to be a Muscle car and shouldn’t be consider a sports car. I don’t race my 5.7 on the street but I do accelerations every now and then just to feel the power and sound. I love my 2011 Challenger RT black on black Classic.

GEE MAN says:

I had all trim levels, double and triple times. Being a builder makes a world of difference. Labor kills many people, when they are modding. Right now I run a heavily modded R/T Charger, that pounds the ground. I just love seeing peoples reaction when I tell them its just an R/T. Point here is doing this yourself, you save a fortune. Make no mistake If everyone would worked on their own vehicle, I wouldn't make money.

Heck493 says:

for me it's really simple, the 5.7 I can get for about 39.5k brand new, and the 6.4L starts at about 51k, Plus the insurance is monstrously higher, This is up in Canada so pricing is a lot different than the states.

Brian Morrison says:

Connor McDavid brother?

Thumbgas says:

Well I got my 5.7R/T BLK TOP, due that for the price I got all the bells and whistles. On the 6.4 no Nav no leather no almost nothing plus inssurance way to much,my opinion I think the 5.7 is the best buy, but if you dont care about the luxury stuff then go into the 6.4, almost $10k is a big diffrence for 110hp, again just my opinion. Mopar 4Life!

Ragingbull340 says:

They can't afford it. Simple answer.

Jose Chivo says:

Pointless video

jett Ironside says:

5.7hemi love it ,a little shot of nitrous ,know your pray and and know the predator .

Stompnu Customs says:

Bought a 2011 rt for 18000 with 70000 miles. I drive 37 miles each way to work 5 times a week and fill up once. I hit 100 once a day when there is lulls in the traffic. I've done 2 serious burnouts that made me smile from ear to ear. Im 6'4 weigh 375 and fit without my head touching! The Challenger is a fucking fantastic car. In a year or two when this hit 110,000 i will buy the Scat pack. Just bad-ass cars in general.

George Talkachov says:

Very good advice and everything explained in a manner that only a car guy would enjoy .

milwaukeegregg says:

Both motors are the same architecture. The real motor is the 6.1….. Thats the starter for all the crate motors and the real SRT.

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