Best 5.7L Hemi Mod!

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The 5.7L Hemi is a great engine, but out of factory it needs help. They bottle it up & don’t tune it for performance. In this I talk about the most impactful mod done so far to the 345 5.7L hemi & how it effected my measurable performance. Let me know what you think of my thoughts on the best mod for the 5.7L Hemi. You will find these Hemi engines in Ram 1500, Jeeps, Durangos, Chargers & Challengers. Could the mod be a supercharger, cam, throtttlebody, headers, air intake, exhaust etc.

Every Mod

Performance 0-60 testing

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Love the average joe Hemi rt vibe of this community channel you’ve built. Long time subbed, great work. Can’t wait to see what else you do on your 345

W. H. says:

Is that a 06 carlo ss???

Michael Roy says:

Beautiful charger

DR 2013 says:

Do you think just replacing the air filter with a K&N air filter on a stock 2019 Dodge Charger R/T will make any difference?

William Prewitt says:

How do I increase my top speed on a 2016 charger R/T without voiding the warranty?

Patrick Tuazon says:

Nice vid. Will be looking out for more uploads

Curtis Flynn says:

Everything is better with a pair of hookers.

henry reyes says:

I’m a newby I bought my RT already modded tfo honestly I have no idea what was done to it but I know it’s fast as F

Gra 7961 says:

i literally got more out of k/n cai than diablo can tune/worst 1 grand ever spent;; sent bak for refund;lol

NOSCAM says:

This guy is like ones who regret buying a V6 over hemi v8 and who regret buying 5.7l over 6.2l / 6.4l

Samson Boyy says:

You look like a younger version of Russell Crowe.

Mason Holloway says:

Not sure if anyone will respond to this or not, but I'm new to the Hemi World. I just recently bought an '06 Ram 1500 5.7. I'm really looking for something to give it some balls. I mean it's pretty damn quick for a truck as it sits, and has previously had a tune for the transmission that spread the shifts out, as soon as it hits second you can feel it tey to take off from under you. But really lacking in high end torque and overall "responsiveness". Other than that tune it's all stock. What do y'all think my first step should be to unleash the 5.7 beast?? Being that it's an '06 I'm not entirely sure what will and won't work with it. I was thinkin shorty headers and buying a Diablo Predator 2. Thanks guys!

Kerman 559 Sanchez says:

I was thinking about removing the Cat converter and putting a straight pipe instead, then getting the Programer.

Kel Raphiel says:

do a rear gear swap and high five me later

PawlDunken says:

I wanna make my 06 RT faster and that's the bottom line lol

ARMED5.7HEMI says:

hoe much money did you spend on your exhaust drop and build? here in ct i wasnt so sure i wanted to get my powersticks done

Eric Early says:

I love your videos thank you for making these videos I am a new 5.7 hemi owner have a 2018 ram 1500 stock I’m looking to modify my. Vehicle in your opinion what should my first modification be I was thinking exhaust and cold air intake thank you I love your videos I am a subscriber

Chris Fusco says:

Would your mods work on my '18 Grand Cherokee with the 5.7?

keith speidel says:

Thank you for the information much appreciated

Eric Early says:

With these mods did you lose your warranty?

Mopar 806 says:

Love the channel man

Erick Perez says:

So jaygreene tuned ur car or the program tuner u have?

raedoe112 says:

“I’m just a guy, in an RT”

trisha valle says:

I have a 06 Daytona what would your firstmodd be def the short tube headers stop I'm at three buty dream or close to acjeaving is 400 and recommendation much appreciated

david fortenberry says:

Hey …new veiwer here … Also a mechanic ..25 years here on dodge and jeeps …the 09 to 15 have many cam issues …check out mds and vct delete. …huge gains on the dyno depending on the rear gear ratio and pro tune on dyno ive done a bunch of cam failure motors around 80k to 125k miles….. Just advice …check into it

Don Jayce says:

Yo Iegit thought this was Russel Crowe at first lol

Antonio Sanchez says:

Throw it out!

Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos! says:

Midlife crisis ftw

Jose Calas says:

Put a bottle on it at least a 100 shot. It will be night and day. with a good tune you will have no issues at all. I Run a 125 shot on my challenger and love it. Can beat stock hellcats in the 8th all day. Good luck man. Keep the channel going.

Jay P says:

If you’re messing with headers get long tubes all day.

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