CNET On Cars – Car Tech 101: Hemi engines explained

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A Hemi. What is it? Well, it’s an engine technology, a trade name, and something of an anachronism today. CNET’s Brian Cooley visits Keith Black Racing Engines in Los Angeles to see perhaps the most famous shop to ever build Hemis.

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Pseudos says:

It's no omega!!!!!

Pseudos says:

Nice Rolex daddy!!

Pseudos says:

Brian so simple n cool!!!
That's why I'm in love….

Ken C says:

They're gas guzzlers!

Mauricio Nuñez says:

Hemi its really about TORQUE 🙂 and that its what you use more on street couse real hp come after 7500rpms

jmc6000 says:

Its a shame the new HEMI is not even a true HEMI in the sense of design like the old ones were.

caparzzo says:

nice video cnet, can do ford egines? 

Andy w says:

for the love of god do a top five on plymouth Sir.those girls are so heartbreakingly pretty

Freddy Da Kine says:

Great review by Brian! What's the hype about HEMI tech??? It's old muscle with no brains!

agaad22 says:

GM LS > Hemi when it comes to pushrods

agaad22 says:

GM LS > Hemi when it comes to pushrods

john smith says:

2:04 what watch is that on Brian's wrist?

mahazir abd karim says:

More torque!

opticprime1 says:

Red blooded American engine (made in China) sticker lol

mike398100 says:

my 5.7 hemi only makes like 340hp…. its a 2007 but still… good torque though. about 400ft lbs 

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