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Do not buy a hemi unless you do the following.

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ShaneO Live says:

Here for the baby's. Lol. This vid is for 2005-2010 mostly. Used hemi trucks and cars. Stop being biased and attacking me for whats out there. Mopar guys are unreal. The hate everyone else. U say anything and booom. Lol. Damn.

MichiganCFBPlayoff 2018 says:

I got a 4 cylinder vortec with GMC Canyon it’s like a race truck who needs a heavy truck that burns gas

Niklaus UberWurst says:

You're video title says you're a Dodge hater. Any "MDS" engines during 2005 – 2010 had issues.

Sir Brellin says:

This video has more dislikes then likes, I think it speaks for itself

Groom Lake says:

It’s not transferable to second party. But I keep my cars. If I where to sell it , it would default to 100,000 mile 5 year for the next owner. I’m only :46 into your vid but not going to watch any more? I have a few hemis on my channel that make 11,000 hp

Groom Lake says:

I just bought one!! And it has a life time warranty

ruggv621 says:

Yeah, buy a Ford with a 5.4 instead. That was the world's biggest piece of garbage. Stop posting if you're going to be an idiot.

Dan 300 says:

My 5.7 hemi on my 07 Chrysler 300 has close to 210k miles and still works like new

Tim H says:

I don't know man…I have 320k on mine still going strong.

Mike Mtz says:

Well, I have a 2008 ram hemi, it have like 75000 km and have all the maintenance and the truck never had a problem and at the moment don't have any problem.

mathermp says:

This is funny! I have had a few hemis with 200k plus that are mds. If they are treated like the engine in your pic, sure. It is an engineering marvel. Coolant leaks gone unchecked and long intervals between oil changes cause the problems you mentioned, not the design. Go read a book..smh

mark vietti says:

04 ram 5.7 hemi 357,000 miles 0 problems doesn't even burn oil.. passed California smoke two days ago..all city miles too. . if they make a better motor i have yet to see it..

Bronx Collections says:

Does this also pertain to the srt durango and trackhawk? I was thinking of getting one of these trucks. Tha ks

Brett Tighe says:

Lights up a cigarette at 4:54 then blames pollen for his sniffles…..

American muscle says:

Just saying I've had and worked on quite a few vehicles and the least that come through are hemis.

Bryan Germain says:

2007 1500 200,000 and not a problem with the motor.

Rockers From Hell says:

what!! the automakers using past glory names to bullshit the market for profit in 2018? im shocked! how many years can they stretch out the ode to their past glory? the NEW mustang etc excitement days are done…rehash for profit is in vogue!

sfbfriend says:

Amazing!! You are getting the shit beat out of you. Lots of butt hurt Mopar guys. This is exactly why I don't put videos on Youtube! Everyone reads the headlines but fails to read the article, same reason why this country is in such bad shape….

maldo72 says:

Yes hemi's do have thier problems / weakness… that said I Believe most of the hemi problems that people talk about namely MDS systems etc are due to lack of proper Maintenance oil changes etc .. case and point you have one picture of the valve cover off and the head looks so crusty like the oils was never changed … I've talk to many cop buddies who have the chargers and they have had zero problems with them. which have a ton of hard miles plus God now's how long in idle time …
Also have seen tons of ram trucks with well over 200k on them and they are still running good … the one thing I hate when people post on the forums with problems many don't disclaim how the motor was ran miles and how it was Maintained they just post the Carnage …. many of the newer motors out their due have oil control issues due to the low tension piston rings … it's not just a hemi problem LS motors Are notorious for that just to name one …

Frank Martinez says:

I have 2 Hemi’s 0 issues mds 180,000. I know mopar,Ford, and gm. Never heard of these issues. If it’s all over the internet it must be true.

Andrew Brown says:

Mmm I got 2008 Dodge Ram 150k and I tow with it. Knock on wood no problems. The mds is still enable lol

ShaneO Live says:

Check out some cool cars for a good price. Not 100000000 trillion bucks like all the other guys do.

SIDE F/X says:

Dude?????????? Really???? MDS is not an issue nor does it cause engine damage. Just the occasional high mileage solenoid failure. As a 33 yr Chrysler certified master tech I believe I speak as an informed source. No, the Hemi is not perfect but it still is an excellent engine well capable of at least 250K with just routine maintenance.

Jason Mudge says:

You lost me at fuel cools a motor. I couldn't listen any more. That's coolants job not fuel… Fuel plus air and spark= fire by product of fire is heat. If you run lean the motor does get hotter yes, but no fuel in a cylinder because the engine management isn't working will not cause that cylinder to get hot. No fire no heat. I would recommend you do a little more research about that.

forresthigg says:

I had an early Hemi in my 2004 Durango. Never went over 3500 between oils changes. Threw a rod under no load while driving normally on I95 at 135k miles. While researching, I ran across a consumer website in which dozens of people had the exact same experience. I wrote to Chrysler, and they blew me off, “hey go tow it in to one of our dealers and we can sell you a new product, but we deny any defect.” No more Chrysler products for me.

justin76bmw says:

Remember when trucks didn't fucking suck so much? Now they are chock full of engeneered failure.

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