Dodge Durango HEMI vs Ford Explorer Ecoboost Drag Race! It’s Kunes Country Prize Fights!

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*To clear up some confusion, the Explorer in this race is a Platinum with the 3.5 Ecoboost Engine. We have had a lot of requests to race a Sport vs. the HEMI Durango and will do so as soon as we have the opportunity. Thanks for watching.

In this week’s drag race we match up a Dodge Durango with the 5.7L HEMI V8 vs. a Ford Explorer with the 3.5L Ecoboost! Who will win? Watch to find out! It’s Kunes Country Prize Fights!

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Kunes Country TV says:

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885.0ELopez Marijayne says:

I call bs explore needs better driver I've seen those ecoboost explorers walk single cab ram rts every time

SirtubalotTX says:

Surprised the Durango did that well.

Explorer only needs a tune to change the outcome.

adam25000 Jeep stuff says:

Is the sport Explorer faster?

Twobarpsi says:

Gee what a great experiment. A V8 beats a V6. What's your next experiment? Trying to see if water is wet?

chance Harrington says:

No comparison

Juan Manuel says:

Salio con ventaja la durango

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

Ford can drive itself off a cliff. Dodge for the win

dbzssj4678 says:

Dodge still makes the Durango? And the HEMI? I haven't seen or heard of these since 2007. I thought they were mass producing Caravans, the Dart(still the Neon), and those Jeep Renegades with the electrical meltdowns around 3k miles.

Lok Tom says:

Unfortunately to all admirers both were loosers at the repair shop. Just hoping that FORD is really slower than the Dodge at the time for repair. Eat your hearts out.

dodgeguyz says:

I like both and have a 13 Explorer LTD. but the lines of the Durango are sexy!!!!! Plus the Hemi. And when they release the SRT version it will be that much better!

Julius McDow says:

No replacement for displacement Baybeeee!!

Alexios Neal says:

The first time the dodge wasn’t even lined up with ford

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