Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter Hemi How to Repair Exhaust Manifold Leak & Broken Stud 2016 – 2011

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Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter Hemi How to Repair Exhaust Manifold Leak & Broken Stud 2016 – 2011

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WebbStacked says:

i have a 2011 grand Cherokee overland with the 5.7 hemi, my question is how much room would i have to maneuver inside the engine bay with the wheel well and tire removed, it seems like the ram has more room to maneuver inside its bay with tools and unscrewing to and fro

Joaquin R says:

Does anyone know if the replacement parts are more durable? Seems like if this is common, Mopar would provide stronger replacements.

Phil and Lyra says:

What kinda drill did u use ?

Houdinii1212 says:

its ALWAYS the top rear bolt.

Juan Rodriguez says:

Question did you use a rebercible bit

Robertson Madlangbayan says:

hi I have a 2010 1500 hemi with ticking noise on it and wondering how much the estimate would it be to fix it including parts and labor?

Luis Lopez says:

My truck is 2014 ram 1500 it had that same problem took it to the dealer and they supposedly fixed it drove home after 2 hours started making another wierd noise took it back next day and they are trying to convince me that the noise is normal what should i do ??? I bought the truck 3 months ago it has 40k miles on it

Dillon Harrison says:

I need a new gasket on my truck, heard it ticking not even 2 days after my warranty was up, so thanks for the vid!

SuperSammy1977 says:

Nice work. Thanks for the video.

Ignignokt Mooninite says:

Plenty of PB Blaster .. Plenty of Patience . Make certain you drill with lube , and centered . Be really careful with the extractors or else you'll break them and then it's a ho nudda lebble of shidd .
I also use Silkolene 762 High Temp joint compound in exhaust and turbo sealing but it's expensive .

torres5775 says:

So you didn't have to replace the manifold or gasket?

Silverio Ochoa says:

Is this a recall issue? I waited to long to fix mine.. And now they are charging me $250.00 to fix pass side..

Matt Smith says:

Just had the dealership do this on my 2013 ram 1500 5.7. all under warranty! wow what a difference…better throttle response and definitely a hp increase. I wouldn't wish that project on anybody.

heyitschino says:

Really nice video, wish i had a right angle drill. What kind of extra long flex head ratcheting wrenches are those you used?

Kaz Anderson says:

What size was the exhaust manifold bolt that broke? And grade of you dont mind me asking

Chris says:

About how long did this take including drill and ez out? Need to do mine.

v tmz says:

i have a 2012 dodge ram 1500 with 35k miles is this still under warranty?

v tmz says:

does it affect any horsepower?

v tmz says:

if not fixed right away does it cause any issues? what are the cons about this ticking noise

Julian O says:

it's like a project I have to do tomorrow… I was wondering did u have to replace all the bolts??? and how much pounds are need to tighten bolts…

jim wooldridge says:

Been hearing the ticking noise for a while now, mine is on the drivers side though. I read the drivers side is a lot more difficult to fix? Any experience with drivers side (2012 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 5.7)

kg kb says:

how do you use the drill and tap how far do you have to drill in and which size of tap did you use

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