DON’T BUY 5.7L Hemi R/T, T/A & Daytona!!! Here’s Why…

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Don’t buy the 5.7L Hemi! Here are a couple of things to expect if you want to get a Charger or challenger 5.7L Hemi Daytona, T/A or R/T. This is somethings you can expect if you decide to become part of the 5.7L Hemi club!

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Jochen Heiden says:

Just so yo know you’re the only youtuber that I watch the ads completely through. Every penny counts man! On my Charger Scat Pack I dodged the gas guzzler tax in California because the A8 has MDS. A Scat Pack Challenger with a manual gets the guzzler tax.


Seriously that 5.7l is plenty fast in the charger. I was very surprised at how quick and nimble the car is despite its age and heft. Looked at one to replace my 14 mustang v6 cause i wanted something larger but still capable of being the same speed or faster and i thought why not give a charger a spin. Glad i did cause now im looking at getting a 2018 new daytona.

would rather be fishing says:

Why do I own 2 vehicles both with 5.7 ?
Because there an awesome everyday driver and I don't race !

Daniel Rosa says:

What wheels are those

You Tube says:

Love my 5.7! 395 hp and 410 ftlb of torque is more power than any other U.S.manufacturers 5.7 liter v-8! It’s easily capable of so much more and easy to wake up!

TMC Tough Trucking says:

What beat is that

Presten k says:

Itll still get walked by my srt4

mario nunez says:

Waste of time, who give a fuck.

razumfrackle says:

The 1st gen SRT8 Challies essentially had a bored and stroked 5.7., the 6.2.

Now that engine has potential.

Christopher Pierce says:

I started out with a SXT and just traded for my first ever V8 car. I love challengers and would love a srt but I don't make that kind of money lol. I've had it since the 28th of September 2018 and I literally love everything about it!

curly eagle says:

Love your videos. Just picked up a brand new 2018 Challenger r/t plus Shaker. The wife gave up her 2010 plum crazy r/t Challenger when we were trying to get into a house. So not our first 5.7 experience, but I have to say the improvements from then to now. Huge difference. Still the same horse power but the 8 speed auto with the factory cold air intake and performance dual exhaust, and wider tires, coupled with the launch controls. It feels stronger. I agree with everything you stated in this video. And I love the sex appeal presence it puts off with the throaty exhaust. And believe me I love presence. I traded in my 2010 Camaro SS with full custom exhaust and cold air intake with a manual 6 speed. I enjoyed that car but this Challenger r/t with the "wimpy" 5.7. I'm loving it. Feels more, even thou it's not, but your right, got to love the underdog and this underdog is very pleased. Momma is too. Power to the underdog.

Jeremy Savieo says:

It's not a sleeper. It's asleep. 0-60 times from the factory are comparable to most v6 sedans from all the major manufacturers

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