Finnegan’s Garage Ep.43: The Hemi is Dead and new Life Hacks

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Well, my friends and I did get Blasphemi done in time to race Hot Rod Drag Week 2017 and although we only made it through the first day of competition we did have the time of our lives. When we weren’t battling clutch and throwout bearing issues, the car ran a mid-9 second ET before one of the 12 year-old Hemi cylinder heads dropped an intake valve into the cylinder. The carnage was big, but we will rebuild and we will race again. Anyway, let’s focus on the good stuff that’s happening, namely new life hacks for guys building cars at home and we are also announcing the winner of the Campbell Hausfeld air tool giveaway.

Bonus: I made a short video about building a custom air tool rack from scratch that you can find on Campbell Hausfeld’s channel.

To see watch video tips on how to use them, visit Campbell Hausfeld’s channel here on YouTube by clicking this link:

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hellcat1988 says:

Anyone with a car new enough to have obd2 and a smart phone should really look into those cheap ELM327 bluetooth adapters you can get on amazon or ebay, as well as an app called torque. I use mine all the time to verify things like charge from the alternator, coolant temp, rpm, intake air temp, throttle position sensor output, vehicle reported speed vs actual gps speed, and a whole mess of other things. If there's one thing I think any car guy should have beyond basic wrenches and ratchets, it's an obd2 reader.

Robert G says:

I waited to specifically watch this video to see if I won, then I got sick and here I am a month too late. Oh well, congrats Oscar Paiz! Keep that #Leverage!

mcdonaldm73 says:

At least I got a shout out, thanks guys

johnny coast says:

you should just buy a lathe.

White Wulf of Wessex says:

You gotta be a real Southerner Finnegan? That why you left the "left" coast? Hope so… 🙂
A cars and guns episode would be real cool. Fred /w DED did a episode with Mom that was memorable!

Neil Rosh says:

put the bolt in a cordless drill and spin and grind – faster and more likely to centre the point.

zippy39008 says:

Awesome rubber band trick. Also good for banding things where rubber is needed…

brianekstrom2009 says:

I missed the carnage cause I was watching your pit and socks. Drag week was a adventure what a memory. Jess and I survived in the Bass Boat ElCo'. Will Blastphemi be at the Tucson Zip Tie Drags? See you in AZ

bunjit65 says:

Hahah. Mike, stop yourself from wasting money? You like cars, wasting money is just gonna happen. Beer helps forget.

bunjit65 says:

Will that buff out when you use alloy heads?

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