HEMI 5.7 Valve Stem Seals and Broken Valve Spring Replacement

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This is a how to do it yourself video on replacement of the HEMI 5.7 liter valve stem seals and broken valve springs. Job took me around 5 hours to perform.
Tool can be purchased from Amazon
Valve Stem Seals – Fel-Pro SS 72914
Valve Springs – Use 16 hemi 6.1 exhaust valve springs p/n 0503 7477 AD


Rafael Gonzalez says:

I have a light tick, in my 5.7 Durango Hemi. You can only hear it with the windows up. When you accelerate the gas, the tick goes away. Only when it is in idle with the windows up. Can it be a lifter or stem seal or broken valve spring?

Mark Mcmann says:

Great video for DIY. This is how all repair guide videos should be done! Very imformative, step by step process, w explanation of the tools, and the time saved by avoiding the possible setbacks of taking the wrong steps! Awesome dude… You Rock!


do you want to sell your tool?

Matari 7 says:

Nice video, well explained. Do you have a part # on the air pressure regulator or where can I get it from. Doesit go directly on the air hose from the compressor? thanks

HillXer says:

How have the springs worked out for you? Can I get the Spring number?

O5fordgtx1 says:

What engine oil do you use in your Hemi ???. Did you ever have any valve seat problems??

Media Junkie says:

Puff of oil twice from exhaust when pulling my boat out. I knew then I should have changed the valve stem seals the first time. Live and learn

sean Miller says:

what went wrong because of not changing vaive seals

linktronics says:

You can also use laundry line rope about 25' with the piston down halfway fill the cylinder through the spark plug hole then turn crank to hold the valve caution it will lock because you filled the combustion chamber with the string. With air it is possible to still drop the valve.

riceklown says:

Thank you for this! This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm considering changing my cam to a more aggressive cam and that requires heavier springs but I didn't want to pull the heads if I didn't have to. This video answered the question on that possibility and showed me how. Thanks!

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