hemi challenger 5.7 engine failure low miles

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timing chain snapped and well the rest is history. engine had under 25000.


James Bascombe says:

Give me an old school 440 or 426 hemi any day over these new engines.

James Bascombe says:

All I can say is ouch! Yea cars and trucks now days will never last near as long as the old ones have.

Z says:

so sad what has happened to Chrysler …….

1973 Pro street c10 says:

The 5.7 hemi has problems with the valve seats falling out if the engine overheats at all…. looking at the gunk in the coolant passages, I imagine that's what happened…. this problem is very common….. and that's why the replacement engines are all on backorder.

88 Datsun 720 says:

My uncle works in a city garage and has the pleasure of working on the police chargers. They have 3 2016 chargers that have had to have the top ends totally rebuilt due to high idling hours, one of these cars had 8000 idling hours in relation to 6500 driving hours. I've never heard a car with that much noise coming from the top end and never have I met a man with as much hate for dodge as my uncle. A few years back when he first told me that the station got funded to get new car he was excited because he thought they would be more reliable than the old crown Vic's. Man was he wrong lol

Luke Bowlin says:

Also getting rid of the 727 torqueflite was a big screw up, Dodge has a tearable reputation for tranmissons anymore, you couldn't tear up the 727, they were bullet proof, you never heard of old Chrysler products having transmission trouble. If you did it was always from the owner being stupid AKA poor mantance. Low fluid, bad fluid, ECS. New ones are junk.

Luke Bowlin says:

Getting rid of the Magnum 5.2- 5.9 was the biggest mistake they ever made. Fiat, what can you say. There not even a real hemi anyway there a phony. They haven't made a hemi in over 40 year's.

ferkemall says:

looking at the different amounts of carbon in the heads /pistons this looks like shit fuel trims /poor injectors, looking at the timing chain that is a piss poor chain for a performance engine , scouring of the cam bearings looks like the oil was not changed from new for some time , i would have changed the oil at 1000 miles from new , ! /UK

watzonda2b says:

Oil catch cans are also very useful in keeping the combustion chambers clean/cleaner.

Johnny Kovach says:

these engines suck and MDS sucks even worse. Avoid at all costs.

Fly house of truth says:

EV conversion anyone?

J. M. Pérez says:

wow I just got one… but that thing looks weak.

MDHenry4 says:

Early catastrophe failure my 2010 grand Cherokee 5.7 hemi 120,000 miles no warnings !

Flo Double says:

I'm starting to think ethanol is at least partly to blame for these failures. Ethanol reacts molecularly with aluminum, enough said. It's probably not a good idea to burn ethanol in an aluminum engine.

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