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Installing Greene Racing camshaft and hearing how it sounds (note) I did not ask for a choppy idle because it’s my daily and I leave for work very early in the morning


steff k says:

That is not a mechanic, he is a hack….. No lube on cam, sanding disc on heads wow. That engine won't last

Tito Gonzalez says:

Did you bet the thump upgrade?

Mbuchi Thiani says:

crappy music … my ears are bleeding !!!!!

Dallas Rife says:

I couldn’t handle the music ,, couldn’t watch , hope it worked out

chrisn1964ful says:

What's he saying, turn music off

Ravis Maximus says:

Ok kids heads dont have to come off with lifters under it remove push rods and spin old cam pushing lifters into retainers

Springs can be compressed with head on valve seals should hold valve or use air in cylinder

Ravis Maximus says:

It still sounds stock what a waste of time

Ravis Maximus says:

That mechanic killed it with no lube on a new cam


afk9handler says:

Jesus the music ruined the video…thanks

Bigkat C says:

Still sounds stock

Hugh Ghazz says:

Get rid of the stupid music and maybe you would earn some credibility

lord kingshit says:

sounds stock , what a waste .. o wait New Jersey plates that explains the hack job mechanic

lord kingshit says:

damn no assembly lube on a new cam !

Micheal Trevino says:

What's up with that music

Caleb Bouchillon says:

What centerline was the cam degree' d at?

jeff adamson says:

God…the horrible music.

RNLJR T.C.B says:

How much does a cam swap cost? Just bought a 2018 hemi ram, just wondering for now.

Gabriel Gomar says:

Holy crap I had to watch that on mute

Caudahy Hall says:

do you know the part number? for that cam shft?

pingpang won says:

What performance did you gain?

Richard Thompson says:

This song is gay

Midnight Rider says:

Liked it Bro,about to do mine..

Michael Boisselle says:

Hey I've just seen this video, after putting a ton of money into my vette I'm thinking to do a cam and exhaust for my 17 ram, it's nice to see that you're in nj, I'm in roselle park next to cranford, did your buddy do his ram to and would he do mine?

chefred112 says:

did you remove mds? I've done quite a few installs and have never removed the intake…just unbolt and hang from the hood, means i didn't have to remove fuel lines too… can't go wrong with a Greene cam..he spec'd a 230/238 cam for my Ram and it's killer..

Bo L says:

No lube!! OUCH!

J Robles says:

Did this cam require a cam phaser kit? Also did you plug in the cylinder de-activate solenoids? I did a cam swap and left those 4 sensors in the valley but I didn’t plug the harness into them. Just wondering?

Dave Davis says:

Geez four dang bolts to remove the radiator support instead of crawling over and under it!

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