IS THE 5.7L HEMI A GOOD ENGINE? – TruckTalk #010

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In this video we discuss if the 5.7L HEMI engine is a good engine and how long does it last? We review several examples of high mileage 5.7L engine vehicles that I have owned and how many miles they have lasted. All vehicles are still operating fully and these are very reliable engines.

The engines discussed were found in Dodge RAM TRUCK 1500 models over the various years and generations.

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!


White Knuckle Storm Chasing and Photography says:

My 2011 5.7 Hemi had a failed roller lifter which seized and had to replace engine.

Javier Borja says:

the new gen suck

Dean Beierbach says:

The damn exhaust manifold bolts have been my issue! 2012 5.7

Anthony Allen says:

I have 2000 dodge ram 5.9 i bought it with 60,000 miles i have now 374,000 replace transmission 2 but good truck bought another 2013 ram 5.7 and love it it to

RoadRunner says:

My '04 hemi quad cab blew up (threw a rod) at near 70k miles. Straight piped (no cat) since 25k miles. (I was a Young douchebag) Don't believe that was the cause. No cause was ever found. Under warranty. New engine. Felt like it was down about 100-150hp. Literally. Struggled to maintain 75 mph going uphill with no cargo. Traded for cummins.

John wall says:

We had an 03 RAM 1500 pre-MDS. Bought it in 07 with 127000 kms. Drove it till 3 years ago and sold it with 500,000 kms. Never touched the engine, only did manifolds once. My dad used it for his business and it had a 16' trailer behind it 6 days a week. After we sold it we found out it needed a trani at 520,000. He put a used trani in and the truck is still going today. Great truck and motor.

Billy bob Smith says:

I would think with a trailer that big and heavy the dealer would recommend at least 2500 or 3500 and maybe the diesel upgrade.

Jay Garcia says:

I had a hemi engine gave out at 44k bought a f150 2.7sport kills all trucks. Am way happier now

Rick Hall says:

no it's not. I had a misfire and the engine was shit at 83000kms. just passed warranty cause it was 6 years old 2012. Never again

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