Jay Leno Goes 2,500 HP on 2 Wheels – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno finds out what true power is when he rides in the 2,500 HP powered Hemi Under Glass with legendary stunt driver, Bob Riggle. Buckle up for a premiere episode of Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday at 10p ET/PT on CNBC!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the new eight-episode hour-long primetime series, covers all things automotive including classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.

Jay Leno Goes 2,500 HP on 2 Wheels – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


alex smith says:

was it staged? it looked a little bit pre-planned

A. Mairican says:

a lot of times it's better not to meet your heroes in person

jibaro soy says:

jay, ur lucky ol geezer didn't get u both killed, car was designed to go straight, i'm telling both of u guys wife's.

Eric Young says:

Jay I'm glad you keep your arm inside. What did your wife say when you got home? About how fast were you going when the car rolled?

mad art says:

what can go wrong? LOL.

seth gray says:

"wait till my wife see's this" xD

rcandminilover says:

Well,Jay wanted a wild ride.He,definitely got one.

Your Mother says:

Why is it automatic?

TuckTuck says:

Looks like old bob still has it in him

Kinda xD

Benito Caspo says:

it is in four wheels

Golly Politely says:

Glad nobody got hurt.. Hurts hemi under glass.

raydon14ify says:

3:22 Both say "you alright?" at the same time, s'cute.

Nomad Sivad says:

I'd like to see the car fixed or whatever it takes and get back to wheelies

Vroomtastic says:

LOL gotta love Jay's sense of humor here.

Sss says:

Old fart must have had a seizure when he flipped it. The idiot didn't even realize with his experience that the pavement was already indented vertically and hes going across the grain in Mickey Thompsons and braking at the same time. Old fart almost killed the both of them. Old stinky man

Madpegasusmax says:

O M G …

Michael Hunt says:

Pals my It looks like boot| wideo research :>

Lore Lambert says:

hi peeps ! ! fast it is deeply eplc video freedom b^d

Starguard ! says:

Glad that they are both OK. I wonder how that car can get enough air into the blower from sitting in the back

Ricky Gilliland says:

I wonder if Jay would call this his most exciting ride ever?

frank livingston says:

If by chance Mr. Leno is reading this. You and your producer should pay for the restoration of the vehicle. It's only right. I'm sure it wasn't Mr. Riggles idea to take the car to a banked uneven paved round round race track !

Pottz1 says:

Leno did a great job keeping his arms in the car.

Annette Cross says:

I bet that was better than a roller coaster ride –right Jay?

Robert Vranich says:

Is it just me, or did that first responder (starting 3:36) have absolutely zero interest in Mr. Leno's well-being?

Jonathan Van Winkle says:

Hey everybody answered BOB?

Soren Skjold Hansen says:

That sure was a bucket list adventure. Glad no on was hurt, only pride got a dent in it. Jay you have the best show running, keep us smiling.

S Grunt says:

Nice job of keeping your arms and hands inside the car Jay! My friends seen this Video and told me about it, at the Pella Iowa car show this week end. I just had to see it!! I've seen him run this Cuda car at the Mopar national in Ohio one year. Your a real treasure to the car Culture in whole!! We done want to loose you, drive & ride safe !!

Leng Moua says:

I wish I could tell my friends that I met my idol and he almost tried to kill me.

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