Modified RAM 1500 HEMI – DiabloSport 91 Octane Tune Pulls – i2 Intune Tuner

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In this video we see how a 2014 RAM 1500 HEMI 5.7L responds to a K&N intake, bored out throttle body, mechanical fan delete with v6 electric fan conversion, 3.92 gears, and a Diablosport i2 Intune tuner on the 91 octane tune. This review shows an increase in performance with these changes over a stock truck.


Vic Garrison says:

You should really get longtube headers and a custom tune if you can. Probably leaving 30hp on the table.

Parker Beem says:

You should try out E3 spark plugs. I own a 2009 ram 1500 with the 5.7 in it and they cause a noticeable difference in performance.


why is it still going into ECO mode after the tune ? thanks for the video enjoyed watching .also the chevy 6.2 turns a quicker time without a tune .

Mean Mike says:

Playing with the RAM 1500 are fun as hell. I've got 2010 dodge ram with Diablo t1 turner. I've did a few 0-60, my best is 6.25 so far. Not bad for a 4X4 with 75,500 miles.

Andrew Elmer says:

I need an 8speed!!! I have same truck with 6 speed, and it's def slower than yours. Bought it used and didn't research a whole lot, so when he said it had the 8sp I believed the salesman. He didn't know, it was at s Chevy dealershit. Lol

steve repole says:

Sounds awesome. '15 here and am about to receive k&n intake and can't wait

Jesse McNelis says:

Damn she runs good man

Dave024 says:

I have bbk intake, 80mm throttle body and spacer, 50HD flowmaster and intune i2 and wow does it make a huge difference

Alex Tovar says:

RT trim model ? Or basic 1500?

Jose Angel Garcia says:

Damn that's bad ass

Carson Burch says:

Please go check out my cinematic video of a new ram 1500! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, still working on my stabilizer for cleaner shots:/

Jason Powell says:

Well I mean it's not bad for a truck

Lee Rdz says:

San Antonio rumble those vids

Grumpy Oldman says:

0-60 I got 5.5. Which is fast. I had a 2013 and only got 6.4 My 2016 stock no tune gets 5.9. 8 speed is so much faster

connor anonymus says:

0 To 60 Looked to be about 5 secconds. Not bad.

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