Mopar 426 Hemi Rumored To Have 590hp!!

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Mopar 426 Hemi is rumoured to have 590hp at the sema 2018 show! It will be in the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT/Scat Packs! Hellcat.
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Driveway Demons says:

Lets get to 25,000 subscribers fast and I will get a Hellcat Challenger Redeye!!! Lets do it! Support the channel

Toofast For you says:

I heard 950

Hemi Dave says:

The 392 manuals are GREAT……and unbeatable fun……Yeah the 8 speed autos are faster, and less involving and less fun……Thats about it.

Hemi Dave says:

Scat Packs wont be seeing the 426 for years….have to use up all the 392's first…SRT only

Ron 392 Thomas Scatpack says:

Scat run faster then 12.4 stock with a driver. Also with a tune. And. Mickey tire already in the high 11.

Ral Hellcat says:

My guess on HP is going to Nostalgic to other Hellcat/Demon ratings. 595, 597 or 606 is my guess. Also since Sema introduced the Hellcat crate engine last year, this most likely will only be another crate engine…… however, if they put this in the Charger and Challenger for 2019, could be the 2018SRT replacement 2019 Charger/Challenger SRT426. EPIC.

Ral Hellcat says:

I have the same Hellcat clock. Luv it

T U says:

@4:00 trust me if the SP gets 590hp it won’t be in the “12.2’s”.. it will be in the 11.8’a on Street tires, & in the 11.2’s on DR’s..

485/475 SP’s on DR’s are in the 11.70’s 11.60’s.. @116-117mph

Dean Wharepapa says:

Excellent Red Eye drag it hard

Casey Carr says:

I called 588 Horsepower and 612 lb ft of torque

Ambizious Vlogs says:

Whatever horsepower it is i bet it ends in a 7 lol

jason marshall says:

41 mins…u really expect us to watch it? Commercials & all? C'mon man. Make 3 or 4 videos. Your channel tho…

J Fonyi says:

There is no way a mid level car is going to be 600 hp. You will have soccer moms crashing everywhere. That’s 50 less than a 65000 dollar zl1. Dodge already prices the 392 cars at 50k. Now what a midlevel challenger is 57 or higher. It makes no financial sense . This is gonna be a crate engine and there probably testing it for hellcat or whatever the angle turns into. Either a cuda or maybe charger. If they were to make 1000hp angel it would be well over 100k because of all the other modifications to reliably handle that power.



nasa peterbilt says:

Race Demonology he beat Mike.5 Times. That would be A good race you and him

nasa peterbilt says:

I've been mopar all my life.ithik the 426 will be a Srt.only because they said another challenger was coming when they unveiled the wide body scat pack I think the scat pack will stay a 392. And there will be a Srt.426 to bridge the gap amongst there engines

Dwight Davis says:

What will the "Angel" vehicle be?

Andre Jones24 says:

Keep the video up love them

nasa peterbilt says:

Why is the Durango 1st in line for a 426.its a truck doesn't make sense when they sell thousands more charger and challengers

Jason Osorio says:

Bugatti has 2 and Koenigsegg has like 4 cars over 1000hp.. but it will be the first American which is great

nasa peterbilt says:

I believe that it will be 600 hp they were doing that in the late sixty an seventy's that motor with that much history behind it there not going to let it fall short. Why do you feel it's out dated that means the hell cat is to both are push rod engines. As a man that builds engines.the 392 a very capable engine the only problem was they should have forged the pistons. And the sodium filled valves. To help with cooling it

ruben gonzalez says:

Dodge is the king

Hemi Fire says:

Thsnks for the updates….FYI, scats are already running low 12s and high 11s stock with good tires. A 590HP 426 will definatly hit mid 11's…

Mr Scowl Face says:

If you get this infamous 426 hemi, can I be the first subscriber to ride with you in it

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