Most Successful Hemi Engines Ever Made By Chrysler

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This video features Most Successful Hemi Engines Ever Made By Chrysler. If you wanna see Most Successful Hemi Engines Ever Made By Chrysler watch this video and hit the like button.
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Stu says:

Wrong again

steven says:

your film
is crap

KrisKringle2 says:

Err…..wasn't the 1791 tank engine designed by Continental (the aircraft engine company, not the Fomoco mark). Chrysler may have made it when they managed some of the tank plants, but it wasn;t their design.

Clifford Jones says:

MOPAR 4 LIFE Hemi badst in the world that's a fact

George Lackey says:

These specs are so arbitrary and disconnected it is meaningless. Shit video for morons!

Karl Moltzan says:

Most of the hp facts are just wrong. How can you give 0 to 60 times when you are talking just the engine. How fast it is depends on many factors. I tbink you need to do m8re reseach and get your facrs straight.

herculano guimarães says:

this video was shallow and with just specs and no info it wasn't great

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