Nightmare 426 Hemi – 318 Polysphere Saves The Day

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Some days, nothing seems to go right. But isn’t it still better to have a bad day with a Hemi than a good day with just about anything else?


wesley cecil says:

I have a 65 Coronet with the same Polyhead 318. One hell of a engine.

Justin L says:

Maybe Nick will decide to put his 'keeper' 426 Hemi engine in a Coronet or Belvedere? 😉 They're nice cars.

QQTrick1QQ says:

Poor old coronet probably suffering from unleaded fuel, original non hardened valve guides, and deterioration of the seals. Not sure if that has the O rings or umbrellas. The fuel line looks sketchy where the filter is, it's going to bounce loose again eventually.

Brent Mazur says:

"Cancel the race. I'm having issues." LOL My father owned a 1967 Coronet 440 with the same 318 cu in engine. Great car.

JFK64 Kennedy says:

looking at that 318 I was having flashbacks to my '72 Satellite

Al Bore says:

Nick, You and I are from the same era, there are not many around that can still speak fluent Carburetor. Years ago NAPA had all of the Choke Openers and Choke Thermostats for US cars but they have stopped having any in their warehouse and their counter guys dont know what a choke opener is..
There is a carburetor shop here in my Florida town that sells to vintage car owners all over North America and Europe that still has the parts and rebuilds Carbs.
They are very reasonable and they do a great job.
Now days there are only a few around that ever knew how to adjust and make them work right.
Keep up the good work Nick , It never goes out of style.

Kathleen Shaw says:


jrry1473 says:

My AMX 360 engine had Diamond pistons in it. I went with Wiseco pistons for the build.

Diz MacDiddler says:

I have a '68 Coronet 318 LA small block 2barrel. Pretty much the successor of that one…

1991tommygun says:

These cars shouldnt be left out in rain

Phil Grindle says:

Nick. You wanna have some REAL fun have a '76 V8 Monza (not Corvair). Drive it for years and swap out the 4.3L 262.5 for a built 5.7L (350). The swap is easy. Blocks bolt right in. 2750# car with about 325 Hp. Yes the A/C works…

1lxpg says:

I love the poly engines. Semi Hemi's Beautiful car.

hornerable says:

i would love to stop by this shop

Michael Ferro says:

I had a 66 coronet 440 with the polyhead 318 back in the mid 80s, suicide master cylinder, glad to see the 67 has the 2 reservoir instead. no brakes, no fun! lol! vasile is a funny guy,he's got jokes! lol thanks again guys! ☆☆☆

Robert Baratheon says:

Does Nick daily his Hellcat?

barath4545 says:

"They can't all be 70 Challengers"
Why not? 🙂 … I would not mind a modern reproduction, as a "kit car" so you can keep the design freedom, since the originals are so expensive now.
Could be paired with a billet version of the 426 as reproduction as well, which, with modern spec steel/aluminium parts can probably make 900+ N/A hp now.

charlie perry says:

A 67 with a poly Stock? Would be very cool to have one of those down here

Roland Tamaccio says:

,,, glad to see Nick had a 73 percent lighter touch on the piston tap in !

anthony marks says:

Like I said before on the Volvo crap in fuel lines ,tank,carbs. ext..

Sebbonx Xsebbon says:

That Coronet 500 needs that 1 barrel crap removed and a 4 barrel and new intake put on. Save the factory stuff of course, it is way to pretty for a weak 318 one barrel. What a beauty that car is!

Tristan Gibbons says:

I thought 1966 wad the last year for the poly motor in cars. Am I wrong?

Bricklinsv1970 says:

Those 318s are strong little motors.

FalconXE302 says:

I say the Volvo has one of these tow issue…
1. It is suffering a vapour lock issue… check where the fuel lines are ruin and might be getting too hot.
2. A circuit in the carbs (Like needle and seat)… is gumming up when using unleaded fuel. If you can get it in Canada, try running a tank of old fashioned Leaded fuel and see if it runs OK.

scott duncan says:

Great video Nick. What kind of value do the Poly engines have? I recently got a 67 Barracuda with a Commando 273 and it came with a spare Poly head engine. I will rebuild the 273 and will probably sell the Poly.

Karl X says:

Those are Diamond Pistons? Wow.

Michael Huber says:

I love your videos and the work you guys do. I am trying to get a 1973 LTD so I can transplant the 429ci 4V drive train I my 1979 F150 reg cab short bed.

ben d says:

Put a Hemi in da Volvo.

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