Old Hemi Cuda Beats up on NEW Muscle!

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This old Hemi Cuda has us GOING at this years Street Car Takeover Dallas! The owner was running in both the 9.50 and 10.0 index class. The n/a 526 Hemi was enough to push this Cuda to run 9.50’s all day so he started in SECOND gear for the 10.0 class! With a little bit of driver mod and lot of the luck hitting the brakes.. this naturally aspirated land-yacht found it’s way to the final in BOTH classes! Now that’s what we’re talking about!
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mcfallen says:

cant beat that old american iron

Chuck Tyson says:

Barracuda has got to be making at least 700+ hp to beat the lineup of cars.  Sure the driver is quick off the line, but the fuckin demon is supposedly 840hp and should have won based purely on hp.  The CTS-V really really impressed me.  A real run for the cuda's money.

Slim LC says:

Dammit boy this shows how it’s done my fav car of all time muscle

twas brillig says:

LOOOvedd this

Arthur Rodesiler says:

A 181 reaction time does not win many races around here if any……lol

bdub z says:

He gave no fucks about that .030 lmao

Val says:

What a beast!

ปวร จันทร์วงศ์ says:


cutty 4688 says:

That old man is a gangsta!

Ray Brensike says:

Old cars sure look better going down the track than the new stuff, for sure. It was an era.

Dino Jay says:

Hey 1320 … is this track a true 1320 (1/4 mile?) Or is it a 1000ft track?

tbagsx says:

Geez that car is sick. One of my favorite videos yet.

gerald 413 says:

We owned 3 cudas' 69 440, 70'440 six pack my cousins husband and i had a 71'383 cuda with cam manifold and holley
I thinl my 383 was pushing 400hp.

discnman Doe says:

Im not a big mopar fan but how could you not love that! Awesome car

Gerald Balciar Jr says:

That AAR is sick.

Daniel Griffin says:

Hah! A Tesla D100P would make all those cars look like they're standing still.

fortj3 says:

"Pretty quick for what it is"???
Way to prove you're a fucking idiot.

Gordon Music says:

Keith black twin plug hemi in my dream

LEO1WOLF says:

Damn, I don't know what's cooler – – that beautiful screamin' car, or the owner!

Justin E. says:

Well since he keeps talking about it, I wanna know how much he won lol

Jerardo E. Gomez says:

Love!!! How old school beat new school.

Johnnie Campbell says:

it's interesting to see a reemergence of muscle cars and large size trucks in the west once again. the Japanese had us convinced since the 80s that small size was  the way to go and I suppose that was true until chevy, Chrysler and ford started making big vehicles again with big mpg.

Ballenxj says:

Love it! And even the color which looked to be the old Mopar Plum Crazy. Thumb up.

TheBigboi16 says:

Love meeting people like him. Not so uptight, light hearted and always wearing a smile

Tex Watson says:

Mopar bitches!

Tone loc says:

My favorite car is the Cuda. If you ever think about selling please let me know

scowell says:

OK, I'm confused… I see the Caddy pull a 9.81 ET while the Cuda pulled a 9.869… and the Cuda wins? What am I missing here? Does this not reflect who crossed the finish first? EDIT: OK, now I see the lights light up on the clock… so ET is not from when the tree trips, it's from when the car leaves. Learning!

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