RAM 1500 Oil Change | HEMI 5.7L | 2009-2017

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Oil change procedure for RAM 1500 with the HEMI 5.7L V8.

Oil used- Pennzoil Platinum 5w20 full synthetic (7 qts)
Oil Filter used- Bosch Distance Plus


Camp Tull says:

Forgot to show how to turn off the oil change dash light.

Eddie Alvarez says:

Where did you get the Front Bumper?

Harvey Marten says:

Can i use framxg2 oil filter on 2012. dodge ram hemi 5.7

Jamie says:

Filter looks like a bitch

mexraver says:

When you drain the oil, on ramps, does it need to be even so all oil is completely drained??

w glassiter says:

When I change my oil I pour a good amount of oil into the new filter so when firing the engine for the first time it does not take so long for oil to start pumping out of the new filter. Oil pan bolt? Never heard a drain plug called a bolt, but of course it may look a bit like a bolt so some. What about the oil draining out of the filter during removal. Have you figured out a way to prevent making such a mess? Oh, and thanks for including the torque for the drain plug, otherwise some may severely over tighten and strip the threads, ha. Oh, and one more thing, resetting the oil change indicator on the dash. That's fairly complicated so it would be a good idea to show the steps to do that final task for completing the oil change. Pretty good video, I like the way you displayed the tools needed and went through the steps. Thanks for posting.

Samantha Sims says:

are u seriously torqing the pan bolt

Evan Borden says:

What's the torque on the pan bolt?

alex pinedo says:

Had a silverado.4.8L 03,put 428k km(Canadian as you can see lol)with full synthetic since day one and the truck still going…Last month decided to buy a new one and keep the chevy for hunting,work etc.and i got my self a RAM 1500 just like urs,man i was confused!…MSD eco sensor rumble,tiking on cold start,and i said oh boy! never heard any thing like this on my chevy even with straight pipe,i forgot to tell the dealer to put full synthetic oil as up here cold weather hits -30 C over night like a walk in a park,and also put on straight pipes as red neck i'm love the engine roar,man what a mess,call the dealer told them about it,brought it in check the exhaust manifold was ok i said please can you take that MSD out of it they said no you can't and what they did was change the oil to full synthetic their brand i believe Mopar could be?? 5W-20…let me tell you after that took it for spin and the only reason i know there is an engine is because the pipes,man what a difference,smooth as silk,MSD rumble reduced by 90 % and the tiking is there only on really cold start and for 30 seconds or so,WOW !!360 and just by using the right oil…Now it can catch up with the Chevy LOL !!

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