SCARY Blown Hemi Impala – The GUDFAR!

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What a MONSTER! Ever wonder what would happen if you put a 540ci Hemi engine with a MASSIVE Whipple screw blower on alcohol in a 63 Chevy Impala? Well it would probably look a lot like “The Gudfar” (Norwegian for Godfather). We ran into this car, owned by Jamond Haug and his brother at the Ozark Raceway Park and at the I29 Dragway for some No Prep Races and we were blown away by how gorgeous this thing is. With this Monster making well over 2000hp to the tires, it looks insane going down the strip! Traction is NOT on the Gufar’s side…going up, down and side to side, before it makes its way across the finish line, surprisingly winning with very little traction in many races! These are LITERALLY the first full passes on the car. We’re certain we will see this beast taking home some big $$$ very soon!

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Learn From Us 1 says:

what a piece of shit! It can ever go in a straight line!

Larry says:

Good God!!! That is one violent automobile!!! Love it!

Dave Fiasconaro says:

You need a new driver, this guy isn't learning anything from all Those runs, same crap every time on off, on off, on off dude sucks

rocco rostagno says:

Cant keep that boat in a straight line can he?

rocco rostagno says:

Its a 63' gawd damn right its long.. all cars were long back then

Mr_Unforgettable says:

If u make it you can break it

avmtech1968 says:

I would be more impressed if he would put the power down……

will yoder says:

Man I love the look of this car! Straight up mean looking!

Little bill says:

Beautiful car


The weight must help with stability although maybe too much past the rear axle….I think slightly stronger dampers at the front may help

Steve Solo says:

There are a lot better handling chassis than the Impala! The driver seems unable to handle all that HP!

Falafel says:

Who needs hydraulics if you can make an Impala bounce with the shear torque alone?

JooseyJay says:

Seems like every camera view from the car knocks the camera crooked, hell of a ride

creepin93 says:

gigidy gigidy

Jimmy Andersson says:

gudfar means godfather in swedish xD

Travis Canup says:

Whats Guys will do lol !

Brian Burghout says:

Not hooking up AT ALL.

Steve Sharp says:

looks dangerous and stupid. i wouldnt like to be lined up next to that thing.. cool as fuck though

ted s says:


Lee Bostic says:

That's a real hemi!

Pappy says:

wow , … wicked .

Eric Beltrami says:

This car wants to kill it's driver. It's so angry!

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