SEMA 2016: Mopar Crate HEMI Engine Kits

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Car enthusiasts can now pair modern 5.7-liter or 6.4-liter HEMI® engines with model year 1975 or earlier vehicles. Todd Beddick (Head of Mopar Accessory and Performance Portfolio) introduces the Mopar 345 and 392 Crate HEMI Engine Kits.


Christian Polk says:

I've got a 2011 Heat Edition Durango AWD (V6), is the 392 crate kit here a viable option for my truck? Who do we contact about these?

and003 says:

Does FCA still offer the emissions-compliant Street-Spec Hemi (Part #77070065)? If not, will we ever see an emissions-compliant crate Hemi for Mopars made after 1975?

Raheem Kelly says:

Why is this listed on the 2015-2016 dodge dart performance parts?

Ragingbull340 says:

I wonder if you take an older engine, swap sensors, throttle body , etc. to use this kit since it requires 2014 and up calibration. Why not have a computer(s) that will cover each year the Hemi has been out? Not everyone can find/ afford a 2014 and up engine. Older ones are easy to find.

edd3055 says:

can i swap my 2015 challenger 5.7 for that 6.4? or what else I need?

Mohammed Alrastel says:

mopar or no car

Steven Holmes says:

about time!

Jim Thompson says:

It's about time. GM has had this for quite some time.

Adam Ye says:

that sound omg

nissanlord says:

very nice. would go very nicely into my 73 340 Dart Sport with 38000 miles on it!

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