SUPERCHARGED 572 HEMI Dodge Challenger – Amazing V8 Sound!

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Jamboolio records an epic American Muscle Car classic, a 1970 Dodge Challenger WSS fitted with the huge Mopar Performance 9.4L / 572 Hemi V8-engine, and a supercharger on top of that!
This thing looks incredible and the exhaust sound is pure insanity, enjoy!

Location: Vantaa Cruising 6/2017
Vantaa, Finland 2017

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Watch in High Definition (1080p HD).

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Will says:

Beautiful car, but I was honestly more interested in the Barracuda.

Tea Eff says:

Still starts like a dodge… carraarrrarrarvroom

dorsab 87 says:

What country was doing this show car ??

roebicholler says:

this is pure love!

Kelsey C says:

can I have all the specs on the rear tires

jim hic says:

Nice but Boaring, and how about a vacuum job inside God you went to show and it looks like ass inside

Whiskeyriver says:

Does anyone know the rims he has

jausyful says:

taste it better than woman

Slant Six says:

Beautiful old monsters, the new American muscle is also amazing.

Slant Six says:

Muscle cars boost Testosterone levels

Pete Medina says:

That baaaaad!!

Arthur Montano says:

People always make fun of how obnoxious muscle cars are, but once you get the chance to feel here and smell what is like to be in these cars, it's intoxicating

t.c 802 says:

no burn out this sux! lol just kidding bad ass ride.

Michael Westen says:

Saw a glimpse of the car in your previous vid and hoped you got it on film, too. That car is serious business.

Bartłomiej Młynarski says:

the hood on driver side is not on place

RomVlad says:

One might argue there may be nicer cars, but there are none more bad ass!

Albert S. says:

take all my money bro I don't give a **. take all my money and give me that car

Snoopy the ace says:

you know you have the right car when you go and turn it on and it returns the favor.

tonnttu says:

3:25 toi punanen mustang on mun faijan ja olin siin kyydis. noita samanlaisii on vaa 3 suomes
vaalee kangas verhoilu
viinin punanen maali
ja v6 moottori

Errol Pauli says:

just peed my pants.

Stabit says:

Pretty much perfection right there ….. ya man.

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