Supercharger Blower for Hemi, Dodge, Chrysler, Challenger, Charger, Magnum, 300, Edelbrock E-Force

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Supercharger Kits for Hemi, Dodge, Chrysler, Challenger, Charger, Magnum, 300, Edelbrock E-Force
Does your HEMI equipped Challenger, Charger, Magnum or 300 need more power? Then get an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger system – the most efficient supercharger on the market for the popular Chrysler 5.7L, 6.1L, and 6.4L HEMI engines. These complete supercharger systems provide maximum flow, minimum temperature rise, quiet operation and reliability only the Edelbrock name can guarantee. They feature minimum air restriction in and out of the supercharger for optimal flow. They also include individual 7” long intake runners that allow for maximum low end torque and great drivability. These systems are available with an optional supplemental warranty, 3 years or 36,000 miles and 5 years or 60,000 miles to give you peace of mind when installing our supercharger system on your brand new vehicle. Supercharger systems without tuners are not eligible for supplemental warranty.
Edelbrock E-Force Competition Supercharger systems are based off of our popular street systems, but are pared down to the essential components that a racer needs, without the extras that experienced racers prefer to customize for their own competitive advantage.
For competition racing use only.

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nzmopar1992 says:

So nothing that will fit a 2015 SRT 392?

Michael Wiseguy says:

what is the horsepower and torque gain on a 2010 5.7 liter Hemi engine ?

Steven John Stronach says:

Still waiting for a Canadian version that works on the 2016 5.7 300s. =)

John Olvera says:

does anyone know if this will work for the 2014 srt8? I'd imagine the 6.4 engines would work the same but if anyone knows something else or could point me in direction to where I can get a supercharger kit that'll keep everything safe and in boundaries

Zack Wenzel says:

Does it work on a 2005 ram 5.7?

Joseph Jackson says:

Hello, I have a 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona version will that work on it?

j dan says:

Can someone tell me what runners are for? at 1:54

rootsman99 says:

How much does it cost

Howard Peters Jr. says:

I have a charger rt awd I'd like to add this to it how much is it. Being my car is awd it hooks great in corners and launches great. But I'd like to unlock more power out of it. Is this the better one to use? 

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