The 2013 5.7L HEMI Engine Build part 1/9

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Columbus Gathe says:

Can't give a thumbs up you guys don't even know how to time the engine number one piston was not at top dead center,

Rockthevox says:

you said you went from 345 to 396 how did you do this?

Rodney Tom says:

it's a good thing that these two don't own a business, smh, if you're showing this to learner how to rebuild engine this it not the one to use.

roby14 says:

Looked as though the #7 piston was at top dead center when the markers were aligned. My 383 was #1.

Bernard Birt says:

You have a Great Dad.. 🙂

Michael Wiseguy says:

the Hemi engine was always my favorite.. especially the 345ci 5.7L .. that's what I have now in my 15 Charger R/T Road and Track /STP.. it has more than enough power especially for City driving.. i love it..

Mang213 says:

I see a potentially serious issue here. Your pistons don't come up to the top of the deck surface of the block. Looks like they are sitting below the deck about 3/16 to a 1/4 of an inch. What crank is in this motor?

5argeTech / says:

Plastic in an engine?!?!?!? Those timing chain guides look kinda sketchy!

Michael Fullard says:

wish I had the knowledge to do this. love you videos

beerborn says:

Can Hemi engines out race an engine from a Lamborghini? Or maybe I should ask this question to Keith Black.

daniel anderson says:

also, should definitely be using a heaver weight assembly lube instead of regular motor oil…. sorry this video is killing me…

Juicemonkey76 says:

Damn chimes jingling the whole time lol

Jesus Calderon says:

First thing I was wondering, is why are you setting timing without #1 at TDC?

Steve Lamperta says:

im wondering why the factory timing marks were not used ? im familure with the 5.7 hemi ..

Steve Lamperta says:

hopefully your timing gears and chail are inline with each other. thats the important thing. if the guide didnt ride in the middle before you could use spacers to align it. if chain an gears are not where the factory aligned them they wont last very long at all.

Steve Lamperta says:

if you put a video on youtube to show people what and how you do something your going to get comments ! and the way you have put some of this engine together is wrong compared to the service manual…… can you explain ?

Peter Bakert says:

Nice rebuild but try to remember the names of parts so people could find part numbers if need be but other than that nice work

Duey Jones says:

is this a swap or rebuild and the reason I ask is because of the cam phaser?

chris romero says:

The timing is not set right according to the timing procedures from the Chrysler service manual. That's the reason they make instructions.

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