Which V8 is Faster? Ram 1500 HEMI vs Ford SVT Raptor Drag Race

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( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Which one is Faster? Ram 1500 HEMI vs Ford SVT Raptor Drag Race.

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Cameron Wade says:

Great race! A ram with 30" tires an a raptor on 35" tires!!!! Drag racing. Next we'll compare a f350 to a Colorado on turning ability

Gooody17 says:

lol watch the other video these guys make… they are so out of context here…. the video with the f-150 destroys all rams

Gooody17 says:

lol a raptor doesn't have top acceleration its heavy due to better suspension and other things put this ram vs a turbo at the same year and see who wins….

RockandRoll says:

I'll take the Ford anyday!!! LOVE Ford trucks!

keeping it fresh says:

I have a 2016 Dodge ram 5.7 just like that sport edition and I'm running 35 inch tires. I do 0to60 in 6.25 seconds. I got a Diablo tuner and full exhausted on it. Killing the raptor

pranking ideas says:

Hell yeaa ram

Randy Hutchinson says:

betcha I can beat both of you, easily

ha goty says:

Hemi is god

Redneck boy 04 says:

Why can’t dodge put the hellcat engine in that ram sport but that ram is still the better truck

Groom Lake says:

PEOPLE!!!!! Horse power and torque numbers MEAN NOTHING with out the RPM it was made at!! 400 hp @ 4,000 rpm is way more power than 400 hp at 6,000 rpm !! When are the marketing people going to get it!!!!???

Nutty 16 says:

It’s a ford what do you expect

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