Why do Dragsters use HEMI’s?

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In this video (after the blasting I got from the Hemi video) I go through the FIA/FIM dragster rules and talk about why Top Fuel dragsters use HEMI engines and nothing else. Is there something magical about HEMI engines?

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Gedas alekveravičius says:

Suggestion put 1 video a week, or 2, or 1 video a day, but 4 video a day is EXTREME. You will run out of ideas and you wont get subs

Ronnie Lubas says:

why so many rules?

Fridgemusa says:

I wonder if you could get around the limitations by building the combustion chamber into the piston and shave the head to suit?

Fridgemusa says:

Is that a nitro funny car conrod hanging on the wall?

PowerOf One says:

Are Hemis called Hemis because they have a hemispherical shaped piston head?

joe blow says:

Hemis are the only internal combustion engine that can handle the VOLUME of fuel required to make that much power with nitro. Wedge engines reach a fuel volume limit before hemis.

Guns Cars and Digits says:

They're using hemis because they've been using them forever. Might as well make a sport out of it. All 5-irons in golf are tilted at the same angle. People just change the weight distribution of the club. 8000 horsepower for fucks sake. What more could you possibly want? 2.4" intake valves. Fuck me. That's big even for 500 cubic inches.

Pirate Labs says:

396 Chrysler Hemi block was machined while the Chevy blocks were broached and could not take the strain.

Pirate Labs says:

My 49cc Chinese scooter is a hemi. Hemispherical combustion chamber is listed right in the specs. Folks that don't have a clue tell me…sure…hemi…right. But, it is.

Jonathan Tatler says:

Don't you just know that the manufacturers of said parts had a little input here?

MrRexQuando says:

Today's Dodge "Hemi" is actually not even circular so just marketing wank to call it a hemi . "http://st.hotrod.com/uploads/sites/21/2014/06/stock-hemi-heads.jpg"

MrRexQuando says:

You indicate Chrysler Ford and Chevy are all under GM (12:09) Dude really?
Hemis had their big impact from 1951-1962. The 418 Wedge took over in 1963 which used a closed kidney bean style. In the 60s Alfa, Porsche, Jaguar, and many other non-v8s used hemispherical chambers. with the emphasis on mileage in the 70's no one uses a true large chamber hemispherical style anymore.


Hemi is old school, Pentroof is the way to go.

RySe Nation says:

I thought they used hemis because you could have bigger valves then with a normal cumbustion camber?

Kj16V says:

"Nitromaythene"? Must be Northerner for "nitromethane"

Ronald Smith says:

Just does not know what he is talking about. Just ask any die-head drag racers in the USA can tell them how top fuel cars work. And speak American not cockney English. Europeans know nothing about drag racing or Nitro.

Nick Gill says:

Think the valve angle measurements are taken from the verticle no? That way you can add them to give the included angle.

M773 says:

glorious glorious murican v8`s !! my previous one did 600.000 km, and my new 5.7 hemi is now at 200.000km without a single issue ! still goes like hell and sounds mean as fuck. i used to use mercedes for my company, but they are just a disaster, the electronics kept on failing, and the turbo hoses kept on cracking, really annoying if you need to make money with them. the big bad RAM has allot more presence than a mercedes vito aswell 😀 nothing but nice comments about it, nearly all my customers talk about it lol. its pretty special here in europe.

Rolls Canardly says:

Good analysis. There used to be several flavors of hemi engines used in drag racing, but it turned out that the 426 based design worked the best – the flatter combustion chamber of the 392 based designs seemed to detonate earlier than the 426 version. Wedge shaped combustion chambers were even worse. Several innovators, like "Nasty" Dave Benjamin (3 valve head) and the McGees (OHC 4 valve heads) had their products legislated out of existence.

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